The ASTW Team

And so to Wed is a creative collective made up of fabulous small business owners from the UK. Having a wide diversity of skills, interests and creative talents we all share one thing in common - we love what we do, creating bespoke and wonderful wedding's for couples across the UK.

Founder & Editor - Louise

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I founded And so to Wed in August 2014 and have gone from doing every aspect of running the website to editing the amazing work of others. After building up such a wonderful team I am now able to enjoy pulling together their thoughts, ideas, inspiration and prettiness in our fabulous Blog and Magazine.

As well as working at ASTW  I am the owner of a small online wedding card business. Through running my business I have an excellent insight into what it takes to  be successful in the wedding industry, something that is invaluable when working with other small wedding businesses.

I'm a sucker for lace, pastels and modern styling as well as anything just a little bit quirky or unique. I love all things wedding, especially the detail, and feel so thankful that I am able to share this passion within my work.

Editorial Assistant & Writer - Ellie


Say helloooo to your very own Content Strategist and Writer, lil’ old me! On paper I’m a 3rd year philosophy student living on the Monopoly board, but in reality I spend as little time as possible philosophising and as much time as possible exploring and creating. Armed with a vat of tea and a hot glue gun, I aim to take over the world as soon as I can.

I absolutely adore craftiness, frequently trying my hand at whatever projects I find on Pinterest. These range from tassel cushions, teabags and 1 ingredient ice cream to elaborate kimonos, floral hanging backdrops and paper roses. Along with the rest of the world, I’m attempting to perfect the macaron—when that day comes, I’ll be a very content girl. Up until that day, I’ll continue to eat the mixture. I also want to visit the world, and own a townhouse filled with neon pink lit-up words.

My ultimate dream is to become a wedding planner, curating days as stunning and unique as the couple they belong to. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of the best day of someone’s life? Weddings are all about making the days a perfect reflection of the couple, and that’s why I joined And So To Wed – it’s an amazing community for couples to find businesses who’ll do anything they can to give couples exactly what they want. As a content strategist, I work behind the scenes, but also (hopefully!) pinpoint and write about things that really pique your interest. The ‘writer’ part of my job title is kind of what it says on the tin. I also work as an intern for Pamella Dunn, an exceptional wedding planner and stylist based in Leeds, who’s given me the opportunity to essentially live out my dream day-to-day, both on site and administratively.

I’m overwhelmed on a daily basis by the creativity and ingenuity of brides and grooms. Everything from your colour scheme to flowers to entertainment to venue can be made personal, and it’s my favourite part of my job is to see what couples create. It’s a bit like gift-giving (my other life passion), and seeing their happy faces when they tear through the paper and see what they’ve always dreamed of.

Editorial Assistant & Marketing Manager - Laura

Hi I’m Laura! I’m extremely lucky to be working within such a beautiful and creative company, weddings just make everything so much more exciting! I’m a lover of anything shiny, sparkly and unique so I love looking out for new and upcoming small businesses who can join us here at ASTW.

I spend most of my time trying to work out how my new baby boy works (don’t think I’ll ever have that one sussed) and the rest of my time is spent searching for wedding loveliness (much, much easier and quieter too).

Most of my work is done behind the scenes. I tend to hide away and drink far too many cups of tea (secretly polishing off a chocolate digestive or two when nobody is watching) whilst tackling admin work, dealing with our lovely suppliers and researching the latest trends that are sweeping across the wedding world.

It’s pretty, it’s perfect and I love it.

Brand Ambassador - Luella

Hey everyone, I'm Luella. Currently reading and day dreaming my way through the final year of an English degree, but can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and am really looking forward to being able to colour outside of the lines, and explore using my creativeness in all aspects of life.

I am a true girly girl through and through, and am notoriously known to add a bit of sparkle into whatever I do. I am a self proclaimed hopeless romantic and will undoubtedly be caught weeping through a good old chick flick film or book - The Holiday still gets me every time! I love baking cakes for any occasion possible, and that occasion could simply be because it's a Monday - who doesn't need a little slice of happiness at the start of the week? If asked, I often say my hobby is shopping, you can't beat a girly catch up over a cuppa, followed by some retail therapy.

I most definitely believe in 'happily ever after' and that your wedding day can fall nothing short of being perfect in every way. This is why I joined ASTW - to help with the very important task of inspiring Brides and Grooms everywhere. Giving them bespoke ideas that inspire them, and showing them how the eye for detail can make their day so personal and special. 

Brand Ambassador - Meg

 Hello twinkly humans! I’m Meg, a photography student and I’m attempting to be a wedding photographer. I’m one of your lovely new Brand Ambassadors. I use far too many exclamation marks but that is just because I am excited and enthusiastic, especially about weddings!!! My take on the world is one of a wallflower, I observe and document. However, when it comes to photo shoots like cake smashes I get stuck in and we all end up covered in icing! I also thoroughly enjoy cross stitching, everyone gets handmade presents for birthdays and Christmas, and I LOVE Pinterest!!! Everything is organised on there, cross stitch patterns, Christmas planning, Hallowe’en costumes for the next ten years, my photo shoot ideas originate on there, my future home is planned on there too! 

I have an accidental problem with hoarding velvetine lipsticks, whoops! I am a severe Disney enthusiast and I am obsessed with television and movies. I make a mean ginger cookie and I make sure to support local businesses. Which leads me on to why I admire the And So To Wed community, everyone is so supportive and getting to talk and read about weddings so much is simply magical! I cannot wait to get involved and share my creativity with everybody!

Brand Ambassador - Debbie

Hello Lovelies, my name is Debbie and I am a very busy boss girl, Mummy to two amazing little people and complete makeup fanatic! I started out studying BA (hons) Business and Management, but after graduating I decided being chained to a desk just wasn’t for me. They say – do what you love for a living and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well I can say without a shadow of a doubt – it’s true. So, after satisfying my wanderlust and living it up in Oz for a few years I decided to bite the bullet and undergo a course in Makeup Artistry. BEST DECISION EVER! Fast forward another couple of years and I am now a bridal Makeup Artist covering all over Scotland. Doing this for a living gives me a great insight into how a wedding runs and I am constantly in awe at the amazing style and individuality my brides put into their special day. If I ever get married I’ll have a hard time choosing anything with too much inspiration and ideas at my disposal!

Outside of work I am quite happy having as much downtime as possible with the kids, friends and family. Everyone that knows me will tell you I am a crazy Michael Jackson fan and I am obsessed with horror movies. Despite that I am a total girly girl and I have a serious problem with buying too many eye shadow palettes and liquid lipsticks! I also can waste hours creating pinterest boards of my dream life. I try my best to live by the law of attraction. Reading ‘the secret’ was a huge turning point for me and I try to always be positive and strive to achieve my goals.

I am so excited to have joined ASTW and can’t wait to be a part of all the amazing things to come as part of an incredible team.  

Writer & Partner - Lianne

Hello, I’m Lianne and I run wedding stationery & styling company LoveLi (Li is my nickname in case you were wondering). I am passionate about helping couples create beautifully bespoke wedding days that capture their unique personality, style and spirit. 

I am a trained graphic designer, self confessed tea addict (mines an earl grey please), I love gorgeous packaging, and all things vintage. With over a decade working in the design industry, I now work as a freelance graphic designer working on print and web projects for a variety of companies nationwide, as well as creating paper pretties for big days. I love creating thought out design concepts that build momentum through the invitation stage, right through to the big day itself. I also believe that small details make big days, so attention to detail is extremely important to me and all my work is done with as much love and care as if it were my own.

I’m so delighted to be a part of the ASTW team of super talented contributors, and hopefully I can bring a creative slant on all the beautifully bespoke content you see on the blog and beyond!

Partner - Chantal

We are a Husband and Wife Photography team, Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography, and we are obsessed with anything weddings and photography. Our style is romantic, natural and very relaxed. No cheesy posed photos with us! We love approaching a day in an unobtrusive way allowing the day to unfold naturally so we can capture our couples as they are and also their guests.  We always build a great relationship between us and our clients to ensure we are more friends with cameras as opposed to just the photographers. We feel this helps us achieve what we want photo wise and also adds to our clients whole experience.

Partner - Betty

Hi, I am the owner and creator of Bespoke Vintage Castle. Creating Heirloom Brooch Bouquets and accessories, is something I take great pride in. I love all things vintage, rare and collectable, taking old pieces and making them into something new and beautiful. The love of all things retro comes from my mother. As a child we used to wake at 5 am to go to the local car boot sales and auctions. To this day l live at vintage markets and fairs. 

I attend London fashion week meeting the latest designers, and bring an element of fashion into the wedding world with the pieces we make showcasing the trends on the runway. Working at BVC has opened doors, and experiences I could only have dreamed of. We have worked with celebrities, featured in numerous magazines, appeared on the runway ourselves here in the UK and internationally and have been nominated Finalists for a National Industry Award. I have truly been blessed with my Bijou company and love sharing my creations with you through ASTW.

Partner - Tiree

Owner of Tiree Dawson Photography. I love taking photos and it's as simple as that. I can picture the image in my head, look through the lense and make it happen. It makes me shiver with excitement.

My interest in photography stems from an early age. I spent many long summers as a youngster backpacking with my parents in the Pyrenees, where I helped my mother to carry her photographic equipment and record the technical details of each shot in a tiny notepad. Growing up in a highly creative environment led to me graduating with a First in Art History from St Andrew's University in 2000 (missing Prince William by just a couple of months….much to the luck of Miss.Middleton). Back then I had no intention of becoming a photographer. It hadn't even crossed my mind as being a way of making a living. But, looking back, I realise that four years of studying art across a number of eras and disciplines, including photography, put me in good stead for what I do now. A deep understanding both of the rules of composition, colour and texture, and of when and how they can be broken, is something I make use of on a daily basis.