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10 top photography tips

10 top photography tips

1.  Research until your hearts content.

The most important thing about booking your photographer, is to get to know their work. Their website and other platforms available to you should be bursting at the seams with images that will give you an overall feel for their work. Photography is an art form, subsequently making it subjective, ensure it makes you smile!

2. Pre wedding shoot – kills those first time nerves

This is one for those of you who have never had their photographs taken professionally, a little practice never hurt anybody. Most wedding photographers offer this as standard, it’s a really great way to get to know each other. I love meeting wedding couples and watching their nervous giggles slip away as they start to enjoy themselves.

3. Talk to us about your worries and your expectations.

If you are worried about anything, be it timings of the day, a member of your family not liking photo’s or even your handmade decorations making the album; talk to your photographer! We will be asking lots of questions when we meet and discuss your big day, however if there is anything you are worried about, tell us!

4. Pinterest – Friend or Foe?

I absolutely love pinterest, I use it for most aspects of my life. It’s quite easy to get carried away and have a board for absolutely everything… However, If you pin lots of beautiful images with the intention of booking a photographer who will catch these for you, you may want to think about it.

For example if you’ve pinned a beautiful landscape of fields full of space with a bride and groom standing in the middle of a meadow, the photographer can only capture this kind of moment if you’ve got big open fields near you. Pin things that you know you can work with, you’ll find lots of inspiration!

5. Organise for a trusted wedding party member to help gather your group shots.

Have your Maid of Honour or Best Man to help the photographer organise those all-important group shots. It saves heaps of time and makes sure there is no one missing! I often talk to my B&G’s about this before the big day to get you thinking about it, and I bring a copy of the shots with me on the day too.

6. Couple Shots – Don’t be afraid to move around, the more poses; the more photos!

This is that time where it will often be just the two of you, and your photographer. Chances are you would have had a bit of practice at your engagement shoot, so this might not be as daunting. However, if you move from one pose to the next quite comfortably, it makes for better images. Simply looking at each other, then looking at the camera, then leaning in for a kiss will create three different images! Listen to your photographer too – I often say ‘wait stay there, that’s amazing’ and shoot!

7. MOH Duties – bring your Maid of Honour along to help touch up lippy & brush those loose hairs away!

Before you are due to have your couple shots, grab your trusty Bridesmaid to ensure you are looking your best! A touch up of powder or simply some encouraging words will do wonders!

8. We’re there for you – don’t be afraid to stop us to have a photo with your besties!

I often get brides stop me to catch a photograph of her with the group she is with at the time. Your photographer has been hired by you to capture your day so if something happens you'd like to be photographed but you haven't previously discussed it, just ask!

9.Trust your photographer!

You’ve booked your photographer and now the day is here!  My aim is to catch as much as possible with minimal disruption, so if you haven’t seen your photographer for 30 minutes, chances are they are crouching behind a tree catching your flower girls running around your bridesmaid’s feet! Your photographer will capture all those moments from your wedding day and make sure you have a truly wonderful set of lasting memories. 

10. Enjoy your day – You’ve spent months planning, the best photos are those of big smiles and laughter!

How long has it taken you to plan your wedding? Have you had any scary dreams yet? All this leads up to what seems to be a very stressful day – it will be wonderful, so make sure you enjoy it. You’ve filled the day with food, goodies and glorious moments, the biggest thing you can do to help your photographer get the best images, is to enjoy it.

Written by Florence Berry

For more information visit Florence Berry Photography

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