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It's all about the bale!

Straw and Hay Bales have become extremely popular at weddings in recent years and they certainly seem to be being used in a number of different ways from ceremony or reception seating, casual seating, decoration, signage, party games and tables, the list is endless. This article focuses on styling bales and experts PartyBales share their thoughts on how to style a bale.

Some wedding couples like their bales to have a completely natural look and leave them ‘undressed’. The ‘undressed’ bale certainly helps a wedding to have a natural, untouched rustic feel. Others opt to dress their bales and the world really is there oyster. The bales can have bale covers placed on the top of them. You can either hire bale covers from companies such as PartyBales or you can place blankets, old pillow cases or fabric over the top of the bale. Fabric can be expensive to purchase which is why people use second hand fabrics or opt to hire bale covers.

The joy of dressing your bales is that they can be totally bespoke to your wedding and theme. Bales can be dressed up in coloured fabric, vintage fabric, lace, blankets, hessian, it really is up to you. Bows and ribbons can be added to the bale covers to make them even more personal. Accessories can also be placed near the bales or tied onto the bales including straw craft hearts, balloons, lavender hearts or flowers.

In addition to dressing the bales or opting to leave the bales ‘undressed’ you may also want to consider how you will arrange your bales at your wedding. You need to think about what the bales are being used for, how much space is available and how you can maximise the amount of seating, if that is what the bales are being used for. The rectangular “conventional” bales are fantastic as you can move them around by hand and they can be flexible in terms of layout. You can create circles, lines, semi circles or even stack them to create staggered seating.

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