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Laughter, fun, happiness and champagne!

A day in the life! Laura Gray Hair Beauty Bridal

On every wedding morning, even after 13 years of running my own business, there are always 3 alarms set!
Bags are packed and kit is organised the night before. The mid-wedding season is a very busy time with weddings daily. However, I always maintain the 5* service, no matter how busy I am. 
This day, their day, is the only wedding day I am interested in today!

his day, 27th July 2014, I am looking after Joanne O’Hara. A beautiful girl, from Scotland but living in Essex, having her wedding at The Cruin, Loch Lomond, joined by her sister, cousin, niece and mum, all having their hair and make up  done by me.
Arriving early with my assistants to a beautiful apartment right on the Loch, and even though the weather is being typically Scottish...the whole place is tranquil.

We arrive at the apartment with excitement and care, welcomed by the family, cupcakes and tea! Today is going to be a good day...
My goal on every wedding morning is to make the bride and her bridal party feel like I am their 'fairy godmother' looking after them and, by choosing me, their hair & make-up dreams have come true...while making the morning go with fun and ease. 

As I start my preparations for the morning, setting up my assistants with jobs to do, I get started with the chief bridesmaid's make up. 
Today is exceptionally special for me, as the chief bridesmaid is one of my friends. So we have fun and chat throughout her make up, singing along to the great playlist that Joanne has made up while enjoying the company of the photographer, Chantal Lachance-Gibson, who has arrived to take candid action shots. 

As the morning of a wedding flashes by so fast, even with our 5 hours allocation, I keep track of what is happening everywhere. Who has eaten and when. Do dresses need to be steamed, tags taken off? Are all sticky labels off soles of shoes? Are everyone's needs catered for?
Hair and make up is just a fraction of what I take on as my job on the morning of a wedding. Yes...fairy godmother & PA to the whole bridal party! 

My 'magic wand' is in overdrive as I keep the atmosphere calm and relaxed, plus the itinerary organised and the schedule on time. Above all, ensuring my bride and her bridal party are happy and excited about this magical wedding day. I just wish I could make the rain disappear!
Hair and make up is complete and everyone is happy. Sometimes there are happy tears, which are quickly transformed.... 'think of your make up... no tears'... ‘smile down the aisle, smile down the aisle' is the morning's mantra. It's not always possible but it's our challenge. Joanne, her sister, mum, niece and cousin all look absolutely stunning and Chantal is capturing the most incredible shots of a fun and memorable morning. 

I go off to help Joanne into the best dress she will ever wear, and what a privilege this is. I am grateful to be involved with so many wonderful weddings, and to help a bride into her wedding dress is an honour. I offer this service because I'm familiar with all the intricacies of the gowns. I don’t want bridesmaids and mums worrying about fastening a dress they have only done twice... whereas I do it every week. 
Joanne looks breathtaking. When she walks down the stairs and her family and dad are waiting to see her, it is so moving. I always have 'a moment' on someone's wedding morning, and this is usually it! The moment when a father is waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle and their eyes meet is just amazing.

 So Scotland is being Scotland and the weather is now terrible. Originally, Joanne wanted to walk round to her venue which is only a 2 minute walk, however there is no way that is happening and there is no contingency plan... So I grab my car keys and luckily I have a large car. I drive round to the front door and help the bridal party into my car, flowers and all, taking them round to the venue. All the time saying with Joanne ‘down the aisle with a smile’ ...to ease the mood. I can feel her nerves and I want to help her breathe and relax and take this moment in. We chat and I help her out of the car and she's away......away to walk that aisle staring straight ahead at her groom.

What another amazing morning and ‘one for the soul’. 
After a busy wedding morning I am always buzzing and fulfilled as I have done my job. A successful wedding morning, to me, is one that's filled with laughter, fun, happiness and champagne!

You can view more of Laura Gray's beautiful work at www.lauragray.co.ukPhotographs by Chantal Lachance-Gibson at www.photographychantal.co.uk/

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