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Nice ice baby!

Nice ice baby!

Nice Ice Baby was set up by Katie, a fabulous cake maker with a flare for creating unique cakes and buns. Her business has grown from strength to strength, producing amazing wedding, birthday and christening cakes and deserts. Read all about her journey and see her fantastic creations. 

How was Nice Ice Baby created?

My passion for cakes really started when I was researching my Wedding cake. I was astounded by the beauty and elegance of the cakes I saw in the magazines and I totally got into designing my own cake with the lady who made mine. So much so, that I decided to give it a go myself and enrolled in a basic sugar craft course. My passion for cake decorating has continued to grow from there and it has not slowed down yet.

What does a day in the life of Nice Ice Baby involve?

The life of a cake decorator is not what you might think. There is a lot of research and design work that happens with the customer, procuring the best ingredients at the most reasonable prices and decorating a complicated cake yet baking it as close to the delivery date as possible in no easy planning task.

It is most definitely a calling, I find myself looking for inspiration in everything I see, from a Birthday Card or piece of wrapping paper or my young daughter’s peppa pig book. It’s impossible to switch off from cake mode (ask my husband).

What is different about Nice Ice Baby?

There are many talented cake decorators out there and I have been lucky enough to have been taught by some of the industry’s best. I think most people have their specialties and mine is contemporary. I love bight, bold cakes and like nothing better to be asked to do something ‘different’.

What's the oddest request you've had?

Well I think I’ve had a few unique requests, but that is one of the great things about getting a bespoke cake. It is made just for that couple and is a celebration of them and who they are together. One weird request that springs to mind was a request for Full English Breakfast cupcakes. So the cupcakes were decorated with handmade fried eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms and bakes beans. The best bit was, they wanted a large cupcake as a centrepiece which was a plate with a Full English Breakfast on it! Im not sure Ill get a request like that again.

 What questions would you recommend a wedding couple asks before buying a cake for their wedding?

I would say know what type of service you are getting. Buying a cake is not just about cake. Make sure you receive a design brief which contains, in detail, every specific about your cake. You should know exactly what you will be getting on your big day, with no unexpected surprises.  The more you pay for a cake the more niceties you should receive such as cake tastings and so forth.

I would also ask how many cakes, your provider makes in 1 week. You want to know that your cake has their entire focus. I never make more than 1 cake a week.

Commissioning a Wedding cake or a special Birthday cake is not something you do many times in your life. Be as adventurous as you want to be. In my opinion, there is no such thing as less is more when it comes to cake and it should be as unique as you are! You never know, if you get into it, you might catch the cake bug like I did!

You can see more of Katie's fabulous creations at Nice Ice Baby www.nice-ice-baby.co.uk/

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