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5 ways to save money and still have a fabulous wedding day

1. Have your wedding later in the day and forego the traditional wedding breakfast

You can still have the perfect big day delaying your ceremony until 3pm or 4pm. This will allow you to have a wonderful and relaxing morning with family and your bridesmaids before marrying the love of your life. You can still spoil your guests with a scrumptious evening meal and dancing the night away without having to spend twice as much on food. 

2. Invite your guests to bring a cake

Rather than asking for presents, why not invite your guests to bring a cake and have a dessert table? This saves you having to buy a cake, a cost that can range from a hundred to hundreds of pounds. It also means you don't have to pay for dessert for all your guests, everyone will have something they like and you end up with a lovely looking table of scrumptiousness! 

3. Shop handmade!

We're all about DIY and making the most of Britain's fabulous small businesses. You can save so much by shopping around and speaking directly vendors. Our directory is packed full of fantastic sellers and sites like Etsy and Folksy allow you to source handmade items that are made just for you. Whilst you might think that having bespoke wedding items would cost more, often sellers are able to charge less as they deal directly with you and have no costs of running a physical shop. 

4. Avoid peak wedding times

Having your wedding on a Saturday, bank holiday or in the summer months drastically increases the amount you'll pay. Consider having your wedding on a Sunday or even a weekday if you know your friends and family can be flexible. Why not have a winter wedding and make the most of this beautiful season. Booking a venue in the winter months is on average half the price of the same venue in June, July or August. 

5. Be different!

Don't be afraid to think outside the box and do things the way you want to do them. There is no wedding book that sets out rules of how your day should be so let your imagination and creativity go wild and make the day of your dreams.  This can save you a fortune by not sticking to the traditional wedding ideals. You might want to avoid the traditional white wedding dress, throw a BBQ for your guests, do karaoke instead of hiring a band, make anything and everything yourself, the world is your oyster allowing you to be thrifty along the way! 

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