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25 Days And Counting

25 Days And Counting

At 25 days and counting, I felt I’d try and write at least one more article.  I don’t know how amazing people are finding these or how much sense I’m making but it has been nice to record some of my last thoughts and feelings as a Miss.   

Evie, through the Facebook group wanted to know how we are ordering our wedding day.  I can’t help but shatter some of the ideas about being pampered on your big day… but I’ve got a 5:30am wake up call!  Whereas I’m almost certain my husband to be will be sleeping in if he can manage it.  But they say beauty is pain, and an early wake up call is the biggest pain I can imagine so far.  

So my day looks like this… 

6:30am – Hair and make up and hotel preparations with my amazing bridal party.  

9:00am – Photographer to arrive and take images of us getting ready and preparing… 

10:30am – Hopefully all dressed and ready to go… photos with my dad. 

11:00am – Leaving in the car with my Dad to the venue and my Husband to be and his groomsmen should be greeting our guests at the venue.  

11:30am – Meeting with the registrar and the final checks to get married at Midday.  

After the ceremony, we are having welcome drinks and photos until the wedding breakfast at 2:30pm.  We are having a small receiving line; bride, groom, bestman and chief bridesmaid and that’s it.  

We are having two speeches, the groom and the best man and saying our thanks to those wonderful special people who hopefully will have allowed our day to happen without a hitch at this point. To entertain our guests, we have arranged a photo booth and a bouncy castle as we have a number of smaller guests coming too. Due to our nautical theme, we also have  treasure hunts and pirate prizes to find.  

Our evening guests are coming to join us around 6pm and an hour or so later, we plan to do the whole cake cutting, bouquet toss, and first dance thing! At which point, we will be hungry again so 8pm buffet to refuel and dance the rest of the night away.  

Then carriages home at 12:30am…  

So I hope that helps answer that question, Evie… 

Heidi from Glorious Tiaras, asked me about last minute nerves… I don’t know about last minute, but I think bridal nerves are a given.  These are the best things I can think of when it comes to nerves.  

1.Surround yourself with people you trust and understand you. 

I know that I have the perfect trifecta of bridesmaids with me. I have Sarah who without a doubt knows exactly how my brain works and is now beginning to predict my worries before I even voice them. Collette who is one of my married friends whom I was bridesmaid for a few years ago joins Sarah; she's a primary school teacher like myself and knows exactly what to say and when to bring me out of whatever train of thought I’m buried in.  My final member of the trio is Leanne. My work wife who knew how to read my mood through facial expressions alone; she’s my mind reader and really knows what I need to bring me back to being OK. Plus my little flower girl,  Nellie who I’m hoping will distract people with her cuteness… 


I would really recommend breathing exercises, I’d been skeptical about it all but I was recommended some breathing exercises to do to encourage calm breathing and emptying your mind. Focusing on your actions and general mindfulness techniques … I’d really think about practicing some.  


As much as you might not really want to, eating is always a good thing to do. Even if it’s the whole little and often approach, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve seen brides waiver and pale, looking ready to pass out, so keeping your blood sugar up and making sure you have drunk enough is always good., maybe more water than Bucks Fizz when getting ready might help too!  


I’m not sure how much this one convinces me but I’ve been recommended to wear a scent that you are familiar with. Whether that’s your favourite perfume or his aftershave, peppermint, lavender … whatever makes you feel at peace.  


Imagine them all in their underwear … Focus on one thing in the room… Imagine there is no one but you in the room.  Trust your registrar, vicar or celebrant – they will lead you through it.  

6.Be realistic … 

They expect you to be nervous, they expect your voice to crack, a tear to be shed, a giggle or mistake… there is no reason to worry or be anxious. It is your wedding day, not theirs. Making your own memories is more important that worrying about their impression of your day. The person you are marrying will love you for who you are, that’s why they agreed or asked to  marry you in the first place. All will turn out right…  

Right now, I’m finishing school reports and dreaming of the end of term and then I’ve got time to focus on marrying my Prince Charming. I might fit in another blog before the wedding… if not, I’ll definitely write one sharing my special day.  

Gemma x

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