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50 Sumptuous Wedding Styling Ideas

50 Sumptuous Wedding Styling Ideas

When planning your wedding, it is important to make sure that it reflects you as a couple. However, this can often lead to you trying to incorporate every aspect of your personalities, lifestyle and interests into your big day, meaning you are left with no clear vision. One way of ensuring coherent wedding styling is to have a 'theme' or overall look that you want to achieve. You can use this to reflect you, whilst also maintaining a sense of simplicity, style and personality. If you're not sure where to start with your wedding styling don't panic, And so to Wed are here to help! We have put together 50 sumptuous themes that you will love!

1. Foodie - if you are food lovers why not make the sustenance the star of the show and go all out with your wedding menu. Leave the luke warm, difficult to eat canapes at the door and get really creative. There are so many local caterers that offer really unique and amazing food. Gone are the days of the 'standard wedding breakfast', the world is your oyster to eat in whichever way you wish. 

We love these prawn tacos from The Little Taquero in Bristol.

2. Vintage - an oldie (literally!) but a goodie. Going all out vintage is a great way to reflect your style as a couple if that's how you roll. Don't be put off though if you don't don 1950's dresses every day, you can still have a nod to vintage with a flapper inspired wedding dress, older venue or through your styling. 

We love the romantic feel of these stunning vintage inspired accessories from Bespoke Vintage Castle.

3. Greenary - 2017's Pantone Colour of the Year, greenary is bang on trend. You can use this sumptuous colour in so many ways within your wedding, from going all out and having a green wedding dress or suits to having hints here and there using foliage.  

We're swooning over this stunning Claire Pettibone lace wedding dress.

4. Boho - the perfect wedding style for the relaxed bride and groom, boho is a timeless classic that never seems to date. Achieve the boho look by having an outdoor or unique wedding venue, get your groom to ditch the traditional suit and of course, you need the most beautiful boho wedding dress (with wellies, toms or whatever other footwear you fancy). 

5. Superhero - if comic books are your thing, or watching every new Marvel film out there is a must, then incorporating a little bit of superhero in your big day is a great idea. We're not suggesting you don your mask and cape to walk down the aisle (although feel free to if that is your bag), but you can include a hint of 'super' in every aspect of your wedding day. From custom made superhero shoes from Etsy, to comic book wedding stationery, there are a wealth of ways to make your day super! Get inspired by our Pinterest board.

6. Steampunk - think copper cogs, steam machine inspired stationery, costume jewellery and historical clothes, you can go all out with steampunk as your wedding theme. 

7. Slate - a simple and classic colour that can add a touch of finesse to your big day. We have seen the colour grey splashed all over home decor this year and it's clean and modern look is now making it's way into the wedding world. Get inspired here

8. Ballet - an obvious styling classic is the romance of ballet, with it's soft blush tones, whimsical tulles and rich history. 

From your dress to your tables, ballet can provide the ultimate romantic theme to your wedding day. 

9. White - it's a nice day for a white wedding! The ultimate wedding colour, white lends itself to any genre of venue, any wedding look and will never go out of style. From Winter to Spring, you're in safe hands with this pure, simple and classic colour. 

10. Rustic - easily personalised and relaxed, it's easy to see why so many people go rustic. So get out the hessian, start collecting mason jars, get foraging for wild flowers. If you'd like some ideas of how to get the perfect rustic wedding, click here

11. Pastels - think baby pinks, powder blues, mint greens, teamed with white, pastels can create a beautiful backdrop to your wedding day. You can pick out key colours in your bridesmaid dresses, accessories, venue styling and stationery. We're swooning over Rewritten's beautiful bridesmaid dresses in the coolest of pastel hues. 

Redamancy have styled pastels to perfection in this beautiful tablescape.

12. Nature - get back to nature by having your wedding day outside or bring the great outdoors in by incorporating nature in your venue styling. Think foliage, rustic wood and lots of florals. We absolutely adore this wonderfully romantic setting created by The Chalk SpotCo-Ordination Catering Hire Limited and The Cadogan Flower Company.

13. Sparkle - this lends itself to a Winter wedding but would work for any time of the year. Whether you choose to wear a sequin wedding dress, have a hint of glitter on your wedding stationery or get the sparklers out at the end of the night, adding a touch of sparkle is sure to make your day just that little bit more special. 

14. Beach - shells, sand and sea greens, you can really interpret and take inspiration from the seaside in so many ways. 

15. Travel - for those wanderers out there, having a travel themed wedding is a great idea. Use maps in your wedding stationery, have destination inspired table names or why not incorporate foods from around the world in your wedding menu?

16. Geometric - this was big in 2015/2016 and still is being used by many couples today. Clean and chic, you can see why it is a popular choice of wedding styling. 

17. Animal inspiration - whether you decide to use prints, spray paint toy animals to style your tables or have an animal inspired venue, ones things for sure, we love our fury, feathered and scaly friends! We absolutely adore Aynhoe Park, a truly unusual wedding venue that takes animal inspiration to a wonderfully whimsical place! 

18. Art Deco - the 1920s oozes style, what better decade to use as inspiration for your big day. 

19. Feathers - often overlooked, feathers are a unique way of adding personality to your wedding styling. Go classic white to give an air of angelic romance or go bright and beautiful for a more boho feel. 

20. Circus - take inspiration from your childhood and turn your marquee into a big top, have a carousel or circus inspired table plan. We loved Joanna Rowsell-Shand's wedding day which did just that, have a little look and get inspired here.

21. Florals - we all know that flowers and weddings go together like a horse and carriage but why not use florals in a different way? We love the idea of using floral prints for your wedding or bridesmaid dresses, get your groom involved with a liberty print tie and pocket square or use pressed flowers as part of your table stationery. There are so many ways to use blooms other than the traditional bouquet and centrepieces. 

22. Purple hues - from lilacs and heathers to deep Cadbury, purple is a regal colour that can add a depth and interest to your wedding styling. 

23. Garden - if you're lucky enough to have a big garden you can use to be the backdrop to your wedding day then make the most of it. Bring the inspiration into your table and stationery styling, why not wear flowers in your hair and use greens as your accent colour. 

24. Whimsical - think unicorns, fairies, magic and smiles.

25. Inner city chic - many couples now are saying 'no' to the big stately home wedding and are instead looking to smaller, inner city venues to host their big day. And why wouldn't you? There are so many amazing, contemporary venues around, you'd be crazy not to consider a city do. 

26. Lace - no other material says romance quite like lace. Use it in your table settings, wedding stationery and of course your dress, lace can be used pretty much anywhere and is sure to look timeless.

27. Metallic - a big trend over recent years has been the use of metallics in wedding styling and it is one trend that doesn't seem to be going away. The golds and silvers have made way for coppers and rose golds, adding a contemporary twist to your wedding day.

28. Pinks - add a pop of colour and go brash with fuchsia or be more subtle with the use of baby pinks.

29. Ribbons - ooo, lovely ribbons, if there's one thing we love here at ASTW HQ it's ribbons! There's no easier way to pretty up anything or make any situation better, than to add ribbons. We love this gorgeous use of our favourites in this fabulous Robbins Photographic London wedding. 

30. Fairytale - move over Snow White, jump back Cinderella, it's time to bring the fairytale wedding into the modern age. Take inspiration from the whimsical settings, the colours used and the romantic styling of these childhood favourites, making sure you have you're very own 'happily ever after' (cheesy we know but it had to be done!).

31. Nerdy - we'll let you into a little secret. We're all a bit nerdy here at ASTW HQ. With a love of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel we know how to make geek look chic! Have a look at this

32. The seasons - we often see 'Winter themed' weddings or Spring inspired celebrations. Taking your lead from the time of year is a lovely way paying a nod to your special day in terms of the time in which it is taking place.

33. Shabby chic - perfect for the DIY couple, having a shabby chic wedding is a great way to let your creativity lose and involve friends and family in making things for your big day. 

34. Festival - if music is your thing, why not have a festival themed wedding? You can use wristbands instead of invites, have a music styled seating plan and of course, you'll need a fabulous band so you can dance the night away!

35. Coral - sumptuous and bright, coral is the perfect accent colour for a Spring, Summer or destination wedding. 

36. Hollywood - add a touch of glamour with a Hollywood themed big day. Have a dress code of blacktie, make use of the red carpet and don't forget to have a themed photo booth to capture your day.

37. Ombre - from your dress to your wedding cake, ombre can be used in so many ways. Why not choose a colour palette and just go with it.

38.  Tropical - flamingos, vibrant greens and pineapples are a classic hen party theme, but why not use them on your big day to bring a pop of fun and colour.

39. Powder blue - blues are going to be big in 2017/2018 and our favourite is beautiful powder blue. Have a dabble on Pinterest and see what you can find.

40. Watercolour - use a watercolour piece as your styling inspiration or have a unique guestbook where your guests can paint you a picture as a keepsake.

41. Contemporary - many a modern couple is foregoing the traditional aspects of a wedding and thinking of contemporary ways to make their wedding day unique. Start with your venue, consider your local art gallery or museum, or why not see if the bar you always go to will host your wedding? Then think about your clothing, styling, stationery, ceremony and reception, what modern touches do you want?

42. Music - whether you're a lover of classical or can't help busting a move to the latest dance track, music is a relatively easy 'theme' for your wedding. Come up with musical table names, use sheet music in your invites or vinyls in your table styling, the possibilities are endless.

43. Village fete - use bicycles as your wedding transport, get the bunting out and make sure all your guests get involved in the garden games. 

44. Rainbow - colour! Lots of lovely colour! What better way of celebrating your big day than with a cacophony of colour. We're swooning over this very bright and beautiful wedding styling from Mad Philomena

45. Nautical - you don't need to be marrying a sailor to have a nautical inspired wedding. Tie the knot at your local lighthouse, use robe to style up your seating plan, bring in the green and blue glass bottles.

46. Industrial - think concrete, metals and unpainted brick team with soft lace and satin. Get inspiration here.

47. Ethereal - the ultimate in romance, the dictionary defines ethereal as: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world - what could be more romantic!

48. Literature - we love a good book and with so many fabulous stories out there, why not take one or more as your muse for your wedding styling? Whether you decide to go Jane Austen or Ian Fleming, there are a plethora of ways to use literature in your wedding styling. Use book pages in your wedding stationery, table styling and seating plan, use quotes from inspiring novels, even take a 'leaf out of their book' and dress like the characters from your favourite page tuner. 

49. Rockabilly - think 1950s, rock and roll  with a twist of country. Get out your tealenght dress, kick up your heels and dance the night away. 

50. Giving back - why not use your wedding day as a way to say 'thank you' to those around you, a local charity or just to acknowledge how lucky you are. From giving thoughtful thank you gifts to friends and family, to having charity wedding favours, why not spread the love. 

However you choose to style your wedding day, we know it will be amazing as long as you stay true to who you are and have your day your way. 

We'd love to see your wedding photos, share them in our comments section below. 

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