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7 ways to get from A to B on your Wedding Day

7 ways to get from A to B on your Wedding Day

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Hope you’ve all had a glorious weekend in more sunshine. It’s been another scorcher of a weekend for all couples getting married, the dream wedding weather is finally here! Today’s blog post is all about getting from A to B on your wedding day. Whether you’re having a church service followed by a reception across the road or leaving home in the morning to travel to the venue, it’s always nice to arrive in style.

So here are our top 7 ways to get from A to B on your wedding day. 

1. A Classic Car

Elegant, sophisticated and reliable, a classic car is the classic option for your wedding transport. A Rolls-Royce, classic Jaguar, the list goes on! A classic car can the scene for your elegant wedding entrance. Make sure you ask the hire company about the fine details too, including decorations, music and even what the driver will be wearing. Those little things matter and will make a difference on the day! Don’t be forced to listen to Heart FM adverts on the way to your wedding. 

Luxury Classic Jaguar Hire

Luxury Classic Jaguar Hire

Classic Convertible Wine Tours   Rylee Hitchner Photography  via Once Wed

Classic Convertible Wine Tours

Rylee Hitchner Photography via Once Wed

2. Vintage Bus

A vintage bus is perfect to transport all your wedding guests from the ceremony to the reception. It means everyone arrives together and it creates a real party vibe on the bus, yes there will be loud singing. Add little sweets or drinks to hand out to your wedding guests for the road, just make sure the bus company are cool with it before though! A vintage bus can be a lovely addition to your day to help your guests with travel logistics, just make sure you designate an Usher as the bus conductor to keep everyone under control and to make sure no one misses the departure time!

3. By Bike 

A romantic tandem for two is sooo idyllic. Ok, this might not be for everyone but it’s a cute idea for couples who are up for a little cycle on their wedding day. Just bear in mind your dress might be a bit restrictive but using the tandem in your couple shots can be beautiful and fun. Top tip, if you do hire a tandem, go at the back and then you’ll get away with doing zero peddling! 

4. Campervan 

We love a camper! Who doesn’t? They’re popular with all weddings and we totally get why. They’re fun, adaptable and can fit in all your bridesmaids. Again, like classic cars, they look great in photos as the photo above from The Volkswagen Wedding Company shows.

You can also get Campervan photo booths too now for weddings or you could hire a campervan for the week, use it for your wedding day and then have a camping mini-moon away in it. 

5. Tractor

If you’re having a rustic barn wedding on a farm, a Rolls-Royce just isn’t going to work. Instead, embrace the surroundings and opt for tractor! It’s quirky and makes a great photo shot! Pack some wellies to complete the tractor chic style.

6. By Foot

The most eco way to get to your wedding - by foot. A walk to your wedding can be calming not to mention a cheaper option and avoids the traffic! It could be a picturesque walk through fields with friends and family in tow. If you’re getting married in a city, it could be down streets where you both met or shared memories, pass your favourite coffee shop or restaurant where you had your first date. There’s something quite nice in making the walk more symbolic, making you even more excited about getting married. 

7. Think outside the box!

Hot air balloon, helicopter, tractor, horse and cart, tuk tuk, motorbike, New York Taxi, the list of transport ideas are endless. If you have the budget or dare to do something different and a little wacky - go for it! Just make sure you share it with us at And so to Wed. We love to see anything off the wall!

So there we have our top wedding day transport options to get you from A to B. Before you go ahead and book your transport, here are a few more things to think about when booking your wedding day transport.

  1. Find out what exactly is included in the hire package for the exact cost. 
  2. Are there other vehicles available for the other wedding party and do they match the bridal vehicle?
  3. Check the condition of the car inside and out. Take photos.
  4. Is the supplier an accredited and approved transport operator?
  5. Check the times included within the price. Note any overtime rates and when they start. 
  6. Get the agreed cost in writing and read the small print.
  7. Check the company has public liability insurance and the vehicle is insured. 
  8. Check the company can supply a backup vehicle.
  9. Make sure the vehicle is the one you initially agreed on. 

If you don't need any transport for your wedding day but would still love to have some sort of motor, check out our blog post on food trucks for your wedding day.

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