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7 Ways To Wear A Hair Vine

7 Ways To Wear A Hair Vine

After you have said 'yes' to the dress another question arises – what will you do with your hair to complete this gorgeous bridal look?

As a bride-to-be, you may easily feel overwhelmed with lots of possibilities on how to style your hair for your special day. Do you want to wear your hair down, half up or all up, long waves, chic chignon or maybe a braided look? What kind of hair accessories would suit your selected hairstyle the best?

Hair accessories can take your look to the next level but selecting the right one can be a tricky process. Whether to go for a classic tiara, a hair comb, hair pins, a headband or a hair vine - the options are endless. The key is to choose something that will complement your overall aesthetic! The most versatile of all the different hair accessories, in my opinion, is the hair vine!

Hair vine, thanks to its flexibility, can be used in many different ways by easily shaping it into place. Therefore you get access to a wider range of hairstyle possibilities, making the hair vine the perfect choice if you are not yet sure about how you want to style your hair.

Here are my top 7 ways to wear a hair vine

1. As a headband

One of the most popular way of wearing a hair vine is as a headband. It is definitely a safe choice. The hair vine can be secured with bobby pins or with a ribbon. For a Grecian & romantic style, do a braid as a headband and secure the hair vine on top of it for a subtle sparkle. With a hair vine you don't have to grow your hair long – they'll be equally fabulous with short hair. Dressing up a pixie cut can be difficult but the trick is to add a ribbon to the hair vine and tie under your hair if bobby pins would not do. 

Photo: Kristina Kozlovskaja

2. On your forehead

I recently read in a magazine the best advice from a stylist for brides-to-be: “Be yourself”. It is easy to drift away from your own ideas when you have an entourage with their own set of opinions. Stay true to yourself and really listen to your gut feeling. If you are more inspired for a boho chic style, then you can wear the hair vine on your forehead with tousled waves, loose braid or messy bun.

Photo: Kristina Kozlovskaja

3. On the side of your head

Wearing the hair vine on the side of your head can be a very whimsical choice. Either have your hair entwined loosely on one side, resembling a braid and add the hair vine on top of it or maybe create an edgy faux side shave and adorn it with the hair vine. Having your hair down (as pictured) or in an up-do, the hair vine will still glow on the side of your head.

Photo: Tanel Teemusk

4. At the back of your head

One of my favourite ways of wearing a hair vine is at the back of the head. Wearing the hair vine like this will make your hairstyle stand out when photographed from the back - imagine the photo of your first dance, I believe that it is a good option to adorn the back of your head. Placing the hair vine in the back does not really dictate what hairstyle you should do - wear your hair down with lovely lose curls, have your hair half down or even in a high bun and the adornment on the nape.

Photo: Stina Kase 

5. Hanging along the hair

What about a daring way to wear the hair vine - hanging it along your hair. However there are some points to consider when going for this original look. You have to take into consideration the weight of the actual headpiece, it has to be light and your hair not be very sleek, otherwise the headpiece will just slide off your hair when making a sudden move.

Photo: Kristina Kozlovskaja 

6. Entwined with your hair

A popular style for longer hair is to have the hair vine entwined in a loose braid (as pictured). Hair vines can also be worn with buns or up-dos by wrapping the vine around the bun or into the up-do. When entwining the hair vine into an up-do, you have to consider your hair type, hair vines tend to be very intricate with tiny details and if you have natural curly hair, the hair can curl around the beads and embellishments.

Photo: Kristina Kozlovskaja 

7. As a crown

There is no doubt, that a bride wants to look at her very best on her wedding day because this is when she allows herself to be like the fairytale princess (every little girls dream). Just like a princess wears her dashing crown on her head, you can attach the bridal hair vine like a crown. The way you style your hair and how you place the hair vine will make all the difference, enhancing your unique look. 

Photo: Laura Strandberg  

As a bonus tip: the hair vine can be worn as a belt around your waist to add some extra detail to your dress. 

Give it a try, dare a hairstyle wearing a hair vine that really inspires you.

what's your favourite way of wearing a hair vine? I'd love to hear about your preferences. 

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