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A Wedding Day & Anniversary Shoot - By Paul and Nanda

A Wedding Day & Anniversary Shoot - By Paul and Nanda

When we were sent this beautiful, loved up anniversary shoot from the creative photography couple Paul and Nanda, it left us yearning to see the couple's wedding photos too. If their one-year anniversary shoot was this gorgeous what was their wedding day like?! The answer…out right stunning! 

So not only are we sharing the anniversary shoot with you today but also their wedding highlights. We often see a couple’s pre shoot before the wedding but the love continues way after and the idea of an anniversary shoot is something we absolutely adore and as Paul and Nanda mention below, a shoot like this something to treasure and show the grandkids for years to come! Grow old together, have fun together.

About the shoot from Paul and Nanda…

Paul is English, Hannah is German - They met in Ghana - Africa, while doing a Gap year. Now they live in Lancashire.

A year ago (nearly), we were in Germany celebrating and capturing the day of Paul + Hannah - what a beautiful day it was! Now, a year later, we had the privilege of capturing these beautiful people for their '1st anniversary' photoshoot!

Capturing Paul + Hannah is always special! They are kind and fun, and their joy is so obvious! They love life, and honestly, we love being around people who never take things for granted but embrace everything with gratitude...people with easy laughs and smiles.

To celebrate their 1st year, we went to St Anne's Beach (where the sea is so far away you can barely even see it!). The light was beautiful and the sand dunes are incredible - we had so much fun! Usually, during engagement photoshoots the couple is still getting used to us...at a wedding, the couple has to keep on track with the schedule of the day, but for an anniversary photoshoot, it's a little different, as we already know each other and there's simply no rush.

We asked them to dress as they usually do, as we love to capture couples in a way that reflects who they are. We think it's important to show their personalities as it will be something that will last a long time, and hopefully, they will be able to show it to their kids and grandchildren.

We told you it wouldn’t disappoint in utter sweetness and romance! But before this shoot, there was a wedding day in Germany filled with little DIY touches from friends and family and a collaboration of both German and English tradition...

The Dress. Words from Hannah…

What I love about wedding dresses is that they always show the character and personality of the bride. And that’s what most people said about my dress (apart from it being absolutely beautiful), that it suits my personality so well.

I’m not a great shopping fan so I wasn’t too excited about the whole dress shopping part. A friend recommended a small wedding boutique in Darmstadt (Germany) to me, so about six months before the wedding my mum, my maid of honour, a very close friend, my brother and I went to Edel Brautmoden and we absolutely loved it! The shop assistant picked out several dresses based on what I liked, and what not, we worked our way to nine dresses I actually tried on. With each dress, I had a moment to myself to think about it and then the others got to comment on it. The last dress I tried on was a few sizes too big but I liked it the best and the shop would order it in my size anyway. I didn’t have a big emotional moment where I knew that was it, so the store assistant was a bit surprised but brought out the champagne so we could celebrate this decision. When the dress came in my size it fit almost perfectly and only needed a few alterations. Although I wasn’t emotional whilst buying it I most certainly was when I had to take it off because I wouldn’t get to wear it again and I really enjoyed wearing it for our big day.

The elegant, simple colour scheme of grey, white and blush tones with metallic bronze and copper is sophisticated and delicate. 

Hannah, the bride, bought all the flowers from the flower market and made all the arrangements including her bouquet, with her mum exactly the way she wanted them to be. A very talented bride and MOTB! The white roses with eucalyptus are perfect for the colour scheme, again simple, beautiful and elegant. 

Other DIY details included painted tins of flowers, chalkboard signs and even a cake buffet organised by the couples friends. Let’s just repeat that…’cake buffet’ - such amazing friends! 

The heartfelt favours were a little message to each guest from the Hannah and Paul about how much they appreciate them. We imagine this led to few mascara smudges! A very sweet and meaningful wedding idea and so simple to do. 

What we love most about this wedding is the participation of friends and family, everyone got involved to help make their day special and the couple were truly grateful. 

The photos from Paul and Nanda are incredible in capturing Paul and Hannah’s fun, laughter and sentiment for each other and their guests, not only on their wedding day but in their anniversary shoot. The style of photography is natural and real! We love it all! 

And so to Wed - Paul and Hannah - Paul and Nanda Wedding Photography 38.jpg

With thanks to…

Photography || Paul & Nanda Photography

Wedding Dress ||  Edel Brautmoden, Darmstadt 

Venue || Hofgut Reinheim 

Caterer || Metzgerei Eller


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