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Adam and Lorna

Adam and Lorna

On 5th September 2015 Adam and Lorna tied the knot in a unique wedding at Bagden Hall, Scissett, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Here they share their magical day with you.

'As we got engaged on a weekend away when we went to visit the Harry Potter Studio tour in London, we incorporated this into the wedding. The style of decor being quite Victorian Gothic meant that the Harry Potter element worked well.'

'My table names were all names after places in Harry Potter. I hand painted each table name to match the various Harry Potter fonts. My wedding favours were potion bottles filled with alcohol. They were labelled Felix Felicic [Liquid Luck] and Amortentia [Love Potions]. I thought this was fitting given it was a wedding. I left a description of each 'potion' on the table so people knew where the inspiration came from and also what flavour they were drinking.We also had a sweet table named 'Honydukes'  and we even managed to have a white barn owl at the ceremony.'

'I handmade all my own flowers out of paper, each bouquet was painstakingly put together with my own hands. This took a lot of time and effort so I was proud of them.'

'My husband (fiance at the time) was away for nearly three months prior to the wedding so all the main planning was done by me. This meant I could throw in a lot of surprise that he did not know about. The most memorable moment, was the appearance of the owl, as I had asked the best man to pretend he had lost the rings, and at that moment, the owl was called in. It flew down the aisle and landed on the best mans arm, delivering the wedding rings. He was so shocked, but absolutely loved the surprise as did all the guests who had their picture taken with the owl.' 

'Our cake was made by Oliver James Sugarcraft Creations and was exactly as I imagined it to be, it tasted great. We also had a 3 tiered Pork Pie wedding cake, which was made by Honley Butchers, which was a fantastic addition to our Yorkshire wedding.'

'Our friend Luke Rendell who is a professional musician, provided the afternoon musical entertainment, and was amazing. He played all our favourite music, and catered for all ages and styles.'

'John Danbury, the magician, really entertained everyone, they were laughing and joining in with his fantastic tricks, I am still trying to work out how he did it. Really entertaining, a gentleman and a fantastic performer.'

'Zoe the photographer was brilliant, I am not one for having my picture taken and she made me feel totally at ease and comfortable with everything.'

'Our first dance was amazing as it was performed live by the band Beardsmith, our song was 'Everlong' by the Foo Fighters. We had a full on rock extravaganza wedding, with the band playing the best in classic and modern rock, it really got all the guests up and dancing and they did a fantastic job.' 

'My advice for other couples planning their wedding would be to try and relax, don't worry about things going wrong..... it might happen but in the end you won't care. Do things with advance notice so you can spend the weeks in the run up to your wedding mentally preparing yourself. Enjoy it, its over in the blink of an eye, savour each moment. Take time out on the day to be together, if only for a few minutes. Everyone helped me to make the most perfect wedding, yes things went wrong, but that was all part of the fun and it is a day I will never forget.'

With thanks to:

Zoe Ann Photography


John Danbury

Luke Rendell

West Yorkshire Chair Cover Company

Joe's Owl Encounters

Oliver James Sugarcraft Creations

Honley Butchers

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