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Backpacker Bride Honeymoon Guide

Backpacker Bride Honeymoon Guide

A honeymoon should be a trip of a lifetime, an unforgettable experience and a chance to make your first memories together as newlyweds. We’re yearning for a holiday right now so we’re giving you our go-to honeymoon guide for the backpacker couple seeking adventure on their off the beaten track honeymoon. 

Why go backpacking on honeymoon when you can have 2 weeks of luxury in a 5 star hotel?

Backpacking is a budget-friendly way to see the world. Instead of splashing out on just a 2-week long honeymoon, backpacking can make your honeymoon fund stretch further, giving you a longer break and more time to enjoy newly married life before the reality of going back to work hits home. Travelling to different places brings new experiences, new places to explore and new people to meet. You get to know the real country behind the 5-star resort, the real food and real local life. 


Top tips for your backpacker honeymoon.

  • Have an itinerary or at least a rough idea of where you’re heading. Vague is good but having a plan eases the pressure a bit. 
  • Budget. Give yourself a daily budget for food and accommodation. Don’t forget to include a budget for trips and activities, these are what it’s all about! Book flights in advance if you can and if you’re booking tours and activities try to book them on the day if you’re flexible and negotiate a discount. 
  • Vary your style of accommodation. The beauty of backpacking on your honeymoon is that you’re always on the move. If you’re moving about a fair bit, vary the price and style of accommodation to throw a bit of luxury into the midst amongst those more basic rooms where the budget is a bit tighter. 
  • Don’t forget it’s your honeymoon, therefore avoid those dorm rooms. If you book into a hostel, book a private room for some private honeymoon romance. Haha. (Wink emoji here)
  • Just go with it. Things will go wrong, you might get sick, stay in an awful hotel or anything! Stick together, solve the problem together, the worst thing you can do is fall out or have an argument whilst travelling. If you’ve hiked the wrong way round a mountain, nevermind, just enjoy the extra long walk back together and laugh about it later.  
  • Pack lightweight but be sure to include a nice outfit if you decide to go for a posh meal to celebrate your honeymoon. 
  • Keep a travel journal of the things you’ve been getting up to every day. When you get home you can type it up to go in your photo album. It’s always a lovely thing to read for years to come and pass down to future generations. 

Our guide of what time of year to go where…

January - Thailand

Although Thailand is known for it’s aged 18-21 full moon party backpacker scene, there is so much more to this country. First of all, there are the chaotic streets of Bangkok to get lost in and absorb the crazy atmosphere. Then there is the serene countryside of Chiang Mai where you can visit the elephant sanctuary - already a honeymoon highlight. Then as you explore the beach islands you are whisked away to paradise and scenes from the film, The Beach, before it all started to fall apart for Leo. You can easily go off the tourist track in Thailand by seeking out small, family-run resorts where mum brings you a traditional breakfast and the locals are just over the moon to see you. The accommodation in Thailand varies from a bamboo shack over the sea to a snazzy all-inclusive hotel. This makes Thailand a fab honeymoon backpacking location to mix no thrills adventure with a bit of luxury and spa time. 

February - Australia 

Road trip around Australia. Ok, let’s face it if you’re going that far to the other side of the world, you need to go a long time to make it worth it. A road tip in a camper van can be an amazing adventure to explore, see the sights and everything in between.

March - Morocco 

The bustling streets of Marrakech are colourful, vibrant and you’ll wish you had a bigger backpack to fit all the treasures you want to bring back. The hectic souks with spices stacked high and meat hanging over your head is a sight to experience. Stay in a relaxing Riad to escape the hustle. There are some beautiful Riads, the design style is incredible, decorated with the most swoon-worthy patterned tiles. Around Marrakech are stunning beaches and resorts as well as mountains, the desert and the blue city, Chefchaouen.

April - Jordan

Pretend you’re in Indiana Jones with a trip to Jordan to see Petra. 

May - Brazil 

There’s so much to see and do in Brazil, it would be a big carnival of a honeymoon with lively festivals in the streets of Rio and Copacabana beach. Then there’s the Amazon rainforest to explore deeper.

June - Greece

Island hopping through Greece in July sounds heavenly! The weather, the food, the sea! Start in stunning Santorini for a luxury introduction to your honeymoon by watching the world famous sunsets. Then you can work your way North towards Athens via Ios, Paros and/or Naxos, and Mykonos. Athens has a cool vibe too so worth a stopover. Just a heads up, this might not be the most budget-friendly of backpacker honeymoon choices but worth it for the Grecian beauty. 

July - Italy and the rest of Europe

Interrail through Italy and the rest of Europe. You simply use the Interrail train ticket to get wherever you like for however long you like, meaning your honeymoon itinerary is entirely flexible. So if you want an extra night to be romantic in Rome that’s totally fine! 

August - Colombia

So now we start the South America trail. Take 3 months off for your honeymoon and backpack round Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile. We start with Colombia, a beautiful country with a bad rep to shake. Medellin is a fab city with great bars, cafes and boutiques. It has a relaxed vibe with a cosmopolitan area that makes you think you’re in Shoreditch, London. Colombia has some great backpacker trails through valleys, remote deserted islands and not to mention great coffee. People are appreciative of you visiting their country and greet you with the friendliest of smiles. 

September - Peru

Imagine hiking Machu Picchu on your honeymoon, what an experience and challenge to share together. Backpacking is all about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and a challenge like this really defies the saying ‘Couples that travel together, stay together’. (My mum says it’s “Couples who wash up together, stay together” - I think this was before dishwashers came into the world). Peru is a perfect honeymoon destination to tick off on the travel bucket list. Not showering for 4 days on the Inca Trail and sharing a tent together is the best way to throw yourself into married life. 

October - Bolivia, Chile and Argentina

Continue the South American trail into Bolivia and Chile to be blown away by the breathtaking landscapes you didn’t even know you existed! Stop over in Argentina for a good glass of wine and steak. 

November - India 

India is huge and so diverse with lots of treasures to be seen. Watch the chaos in Delhi, the tranquillity of the Taj Mahal followed by tropical beaches in Goa. A honeymoon with it all. 

December - Vietnam

Vietnam is rich in history and culture with just lovely, friendly people. The cities of Hanoi and Saigon are modern and touristy but off the beaten track there are breathtaking sweeping hills with rural villages to discover. Go and get lost together. 

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