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Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

It’s the film that’s captured hearts and, most recently, divided opinions – Disney’s live action remake of the timeless classic Beauty & The Beast is released today. Whether you like the idea, think it’s sacrilege, or have never even seen the original cartoon (I implore you to do so, there are some banging original songs in there), you can’t deny that Beauty & The Beast brings out beauty and the best of wedding styling and décor. The film is bursting with things you can use as inspiration even if you’re not a massive Disney lover; it brings out some gorgeous ideas that work well across all themes, not just Disney Madness. We took it upon ourselves to watch the film again (it’s a tough life) and pick some of the best, most inspirational bits for you.

The Rose

I am not even going to explain this one. It’s a central, key element. Roses are timeless classics for wedding flowers. Move on.

The Bell Jar

Nooooow we’re thinking outside of the box. The rose is, of course, kept in a bell jar, which is a big tick for table styling. Fill bell jars with strings of fairy lights, succulents, figurines, your table numbers – anything goes in those gorgeous containers. Similarly, fill clear glass boxes with flowers and foliage, like Charlotte from Redamancy, for an intriguing and striking table centrepiece. If you don’t like the idea of bell jars, why not stick with the clear theme, and use Perspex elements for the menus, or charger plates?


I know she spends most of the film in her white and blue ensemble, but Belle’s yellow dress is what always sticks out for me as her typical killer outfit. Whilst it is very wedding dress-y in its form—and we know there are many, many dresses out there inspired by its tiers and boughs—we’re thinking more of the colour. Yellow is too often overlooked as an accent colour, but we’re hoping it’ll make a resurgence this year, with Pantone’s colour of the year focusing on energising natural colours. Yellow is so versatile—think sunny bridesmaid dresses that suit every generation, deep hues for flowers, and striking pops of colour for shoes, jewellery, or accents. It lends itself well to opulence, a la Beauty and the Beast, or rustic themes more reminiscent of Italian lemon orchards. Get Mrs Potts to whip up some limoncello, pronto tonto.

Bows & Swags

If there’s one thing to take away from the design of the castle and Belle’s yellow dress etc, it’s finery, frippery, and gathered material. They love a good embellishment or adornment in this film, don’t they? But even before Belle arrives at the Beast’s castle (spoiler!), she has her luscious locks tied up in a bow. We’re ALL here for the bows. Sumptuous satins and silks and luxurious velvets are dominating trends at the moment, with copious amounts of fabric and gathering. Do a Belle and wear a big bow in your hair, one tied at the back of your dress, or a gorgeous dyed silk ribbon tied in a bow around the stem of your bouquet. Alternatively, use it in your décor for added depth that nails the effortless luxe look—arrange swathes of velvet or tulle to run down your table, with candles, flowers, and trinkets nestled among the swathes.


Belle looks super cute in her cape in the snow, but this isn’t a fashion that only translates to winter weddings. Flowing, cape-like features are fast making major waves in bridal spheres, with hot designers like Velvet Johnstone and House of Ollichon incorporating them into their creations. They provide gorgeous movement as you walk down the aisle, with the fabric billowing behind you – especially if you’ve decided against a veil, but would still quite like some flowy goodness as you walk from Miss to Mrs.

The Rose (Again)

Do you know what, I take it back. Let’s dwell on the rose. But not roses, per se, because I’m sure you don’t need a blog post from me to tell you they’re often used in weddings. Specifically, the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast, and the colour it goes under the enchantment. It glows a gorgeous, glorious pink, shining its little heart out in the bell jar. It’s not an obvious colour when you think about the film—its much more likely that you’ll think of royal blue golden yellow, and browns—but it’s a very on trend colour. Both pinks and neon lighting are everywhere this season, adding a little city chic to a provincial princess story.

Afternoon tea

Say goodbye to a boring dinner on white plates and say hello to a veritable smorgasbord of excitement and taste with mismatched crockery and glasses. Provide guests with loads of smaller portions of cakes and sandwiches etc, including, of course, some grey stuff, and it’ll make the dining element of your big day feel like the dreamy whirlwind that is Be Our Guest!

Mode For...

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Written by Ellie Kime

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