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Finding the perfect wedding stationery

Finding the perfect wedding stationery

Welcome to what I hope to run as a series of informative posts lifting the lid on finding the perfect supplier for each aspect of your big day. For most couples the mysterious world of weddings is unchartered territory, and so it can all be a little overwhelming when starting to look at suppliers and ultimately selecting the people to trust with the bespoke details of one of the most important days of your life. To start, I’m going to stick to what I know best; Wedding Stationery. Running a wedding stationery & styling company, and being a bride to be myself not all that long ago I believe stationery is one way you can really put your own style into a wedding day without spending a fortune.

Before The Day and On The Day

The stationery aspect of a big day is usually two-fold, first you need the Before The Day items; save the dates (if you’re having a long engagement or a destination wedding), invites, RSVPs etc and then secondly nearer to the big day itself On The Day Stationery which can encompass all manner of items, including, table plan, name cards, order of service and more. As with all aspects of your wedding I would always recommend shopping around for the supplier you feel a) gives you best value for money and b) the one who ‘get’s you’ as a couple and you feel comfortable with. Most couples who come to me have an idea of theme or colours, so it’s a great idea to go armed with a moodboard, pinterest board or collection of ideas you like to present to potential suppliers for them to be able to give you an accurate price and an idea of what’s achievable.

Order samples and go prepared

To get a shortlist wedding stationers you might like to use I would recommend first researching using your favourite wedding blogs and/or wedding magazines to get companies that fit with your style and thinking and then order samples. This way you can see first hand and more importantly feel the quality of craftsmanship and materials used. Most stationers will provide samples either free of charge, or for a nominal charge that is usually (not always so check) refundable if you go on to place an order. Once you have samples in hand, speak to your favourites and throw your ideas out there to allow them to give you some ideas on costs. It’s always worth letting the supplier know your budget, so they have something to work with. I always try to accommodate requests and quite often if I know a certain style of invite is going to be totally out of a couples budget then I can go back to them prepared with an equally beautiful idea that is within their reach. I hate to disappoint people and if you’re not getting this vibe from the people you speak to then perhaps they’re not the stationer for you.

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Saving some pennies

Another thing to consider when ordering stationery items is to ask about On The Day stationery at the same time as invites etc – most stationers will offer a discount for booking both together. You might not know all the details of your On The Day stationery, but having them booked in and not to mention saving a few impotant pennies can be a big tick off the ‘to do’ list later in the planning process.

Match your invite style to the day

The wedding invitation is usually the first glimpse your guests will get into your big day, and it should set the scene and hopefully get people excited about the day to come. It’s important to think about this when deciding upon the style of invitation you want. For example if you want a relaxed, informal day where people can feel comfortable and just enjoy the party, then chance are an elaborate, formal style invitation with traditional wording may give the wrong impression to your guests. Work with your stationery supplier to get the perfect balance of information and design that shows the feel you want for your day and that reflects your personalities.

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To go bespoke or not?

The next thing to consider is whether you want something totally unique to your big day (fully bespoke), or are you happy to find a stationery range that suits your style, that can be personalised to your big day colours and theme. Many people get scared that bespoke design sounds expensive, but I always encourage couples to explore this option as it does give you the ultimate freedom to explore the ideas you have, and also is often not as pricey as people think. If you’re not that creative and struggle to visualise things without seeing them in front of you, then a ‘tried & tested’ range off the shelf is probably the best option for you.

Colour matching…no problem

A good wedding stationer will able to advise on you on what will work and also should suggest other things you might not of thought of, which all adds to the creative process and makes stationery one of the most fun parts of organising the big day (well I think so anyway). Also worth mentioning is if you have particular colours you want matching, then a good supplier will be able to do this, and allow you to have a perfectly matched theme for the whole day. As always, the best plan is to talk to your supplier and find out what’s the best way of matching bridesmaid dress colours or flowers to compliment your stationery, or vice versa.

On The Day stationery made easy

Once you have the invites ordered then usually the rest of the stationery suite comes as a natural progression. With a well thought out design concept, a good stationer will be able to translate your theming across On The Day stationery and any extra bits (think props and signage) you might need or just simply want!

Hopefully this has given all you brides and grooms to be some food for thought when thinking about wedding stationery, and as always if you need any further help then explore the plethora of suppliers on the And So To Wed website. We are always happy to point you in the direction of some lovely people who can help make your big day beautifully bespoke.

In addition, if you have any ‘finding the perfect’ suggestions you’d like to see an article on then comment or get in touch.

Lianne x


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