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Bridal's Glitter Queen: Pooja of Threaded

Bridal's Glitter Queen: Pooja of Threaded

You may have heard the incredible news - this week, the shop got that little bit sparklier. We got an amazing injection of glitter and goodness from the amazing Threaded, a company who handmake incredible bridal bags. We're talking sparkle, shine, and sass! Their designs are completely customisable and uber stylish, making them the perfect bridal accessory for someone who wants something just slightly different. Whether you're getting your new name, your status, or the all important words emblazoned on there, it's the perfect statement. We thought we'd catch up with the genius behind the glitter to find out a bit more - so welcome Pooja, the owner, and ASTW's Official Glitter Queen. What a title, what a woman!

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When and why did you set Threaded up? Tell us a bit about yours and Threaded's journey.

I set up Threaded in January 2016. I remember this was straight after a private Christmas fair I participated at my husband's workplace. Initially, I started making some fabric bags from Indian embroidered fabrics, and Tanzanian printed fabric with vivid and bold patterns. But for the Christmas fair, I also handmade Christmas cards and Christmas ornaments. 

Six months before I launched Threaded online, I was working part time at a retail store on Oxford Street. One day I was pushed over by a passenger/daily traveller when I was going to work and injured my knee. It was a tough time, and I wasn't enjoying my job on top of that - so I decided to resign and give myself some headspace to think about it. Christmas was around the corner and I started to make some Christmas ornaments, to keep my hands busy even whilst my knees weren't. I sold them at a private fair and people asked me if I used Etsy. I didn't was my answer, so I really needed to get myself on it after Christmas and New Years. 

Fast-forwrading, I eventually made Threaded my full-time job. Even then, for the next six months after launching I was finding it hard to work on SEO's and keywords and getting my little shop noticed - it's not all glitter and games (although I am a big hoarder of tissue paper, washi tape, glitter, and anything sparkly!). At the same time I didn't really know what my niche was, or who my audience was, so the first few months in 2016 was also finding what I really enjoyed working with.

In December 2016, I launched sparkly glitter Christmas ornaments and they were a huge success on everywhere (if I do say so myself!). I decided there and then to listen to my instinct and make sparkly bags out of Glitter fabric. In January 2017 I launched a collection of cosmetic bags made from Glitter fabric, and the second thing you know, I had a big order for a Bride from Australia, who wanted these bags for her Bridesmaids. Always trust your gut, clearly...it started from there, and here I am now enjoying making every Bride and Bridesmaid's dream clutch bag!

 Sparkly Glitter Bridesmaid's Clutch Bags 


What inspires you as a maker and Threaded as a business?

A lot of things inspire me and my business Threaded, from traveling to taking walks in the park, from binge watching tv shows or just enjoying going out to have good Indian food in Shoreditch, (my favorite restaurant is Dishoom!). So pretty much all of this inspiration all adds up, and culminates in ideas at 12 AM - which the most creative hour for me, researching on Pinterest on how I can achieve that idea using the inspiration! Weird right? But my brain is the most active at night, I am definitely not a morning person, however, I am learning from my other half who is much more of a morning person. 


What's your favorite ever commission that you've made? 

I love every bag I have made so far, so choosing a favorite is hard! But my classic favorite combination is the Pastel Candyfloss glitter (so dreamy!) with Metallic Silver or Pale Gold glitter lettering! 

 Candyfloss Pink Bridal Clutch Bag I Do


What did you wear on your wedding day/would you wear at your dream wedding? 

My wedding was in Kathmandu, Nepal. So I was wearing a traditional Nepalese saree! So beautiful, and very ethnic!


What advice do you have to Brides for their wedding? 

1) Relax and enjoy your big day! 
2) Do what makes you happy!


Who's your dream bride to receive a bag? 

I don't have a particular dream bride to receive a bag, but I would love to design one for a celebrity one day, any celebrity! However my dream bride was The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton - she looked stunning, and perfectly elegant in her gorgeous Bridal Dress! So, Kate, if you're reading this, and you need one for Prince Harry's...

Find Pooja's gorgeous bridal creations here at And So To Shop




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