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Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Hen Dos

Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Hen Dos

For years, hen parties have been synonymous with penis straws, fuchsia sashes, buckets of cocktails and even more broken heads the morning after. And for that we love them—they’ll always have a special place in our hearts. Increasingly, though, brides are wanting to celebrate in a way that’s as unique as them, and there’s some pretty great options out there for those of you who want a bit more than just a night out at Sugar…

1. Craft Parties

We’re incredibly lucky to have a super creative following here at ASTW so we know that these will go straight in your basket. Loads of professional creatives offer packages where they can organise a party of you making what they specialise in…and the possibilities are endless! Garters, jewellery, burlesque accessories, bunting, headwear…there are loads of incredibly talented handy people out there just bursting to share their craft with you! We love The Crafty Hen!

2. Baking Masterclass

We are in the golden age of baking: gone are the days when cupcakes are the only thing you can make. Whatever you and your girls want to make, there’s someone out there who’ll know how to make it, and will probably have a super adorable pastel-themed kitchen to go with. Macarons, meringue kisses, brownies, cake pops, iced biscuits, cookie dough cakes…all lend themselves towards a great masterclass (and an excellent flour fight). If you go on a chocolate-making course or a fudge-making course, why not make your favours?

3. Vintage Photoshoot

Hire loads of vintage props, dress in your best pin-up attire, and get an MUA who specialises in vintage hair and make up to doll you all up before you take a load of fab photos to remember your best (guys and) dolls. Keep your hair and make up and then go to for boozy milkshakes like only Rizzo and Frenchy would. Le Keux have fabulous hen party packages available.

4. Dance Class

We know she sang a song about Single Ladies but why not spend the day with your hens learning a dance routine in the style of the queen herself, Beyoncé? Loads of dance classes and studios run this kind of workshop, and many even do a video at the end that you can take away.

5. AirBnB Is Your Friend 

We know going away for the weekend is pretty commonplace (and understandably so) but have you ever explored the wilder side of AirBnB? There are loads of crazy places you can stay – hiring out entire mediaeval castles, running a Scottish bookshop, living in a caravan that’s stuck up a tree (genuinely.) Have a weekend you’ll never forget in a setting you’ll never forget…and one that a male stripper would find very difficult to gate crash! 

Written by Ellie Kime


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