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Cakeless Wedding Ideas on National Baking Day

Cakeless Wedding Ideas on National Baking Day

Disclaimer: Have a cuppa and a sweet treat on standby

Happy National Baking Day! Best day ever, in my opinion…bar wedding days, of course. So if today is your wedding day, you’re going to have doubly the best day ever- you lucky ducky.

We live in a time where baking is big (and I am so very grateful for that), so we couldn’t let the day go by without honouring it in some fashion. But we’re pretty keen on cake here—we’ve already done posts about different wedding cake flavour combinations (the research for which, by the way, was some of the best work of my life) and also brought you the need-to-know facts about ordering your wedding cake with Jo from White Rose Cake Design. So we thought we’d leave the cake for your instagram feed for today, and instead give you the low down on all the other baking trends that are the crème de la crème of the wedding world. Substitute your traditional cake for one of these options, or combine them all on a dessert table. Even better, if you have a family member or friend who are universally infamous for a particular dish they do – ask them to donate it to the table!

Biscuits, the staple of our British diet. But they’ve had a radical overhaul since Malted Milk days (not that we have anything against the humble Malted Milk!), and they now look blooooooody gorgeous. Iced biscuits have been taken to the next level, like these stunning watercolour ones from White Rose Cake Design (photo by Stevie Jay photography), or these pearly pretties from The Sugared Rose. Offer them as favours, or, alternatively, pile them high on afternoon tea stands and place them out as dessert offerings.

Donuts with a hole, the staple of the American diet. Anyone who attends uni with me can attest to the fact that 5 packs of jam doughnuts have got me through this third year, but they’re so much more than brainfood – they’re food for the eyes too. Donut walls took the wedding world by storm last year and continued this year, like this amazing one by Michelle Edgemont Design. We also ADORE the pun! Alternatively, we love this suuuuuuper cute hot chocolate station from Mode For… Events, complete with doughnut station. Yum yum yum.

Pieminister Brownie Stack Katherine Ashford

Brownies. They should be gooey, and they will be good. We love this brownie stack from Pieminister with an uber cute cake topper as an alternative to a wedding cake - photo thanks to Katherine Ashdown Photography. Take two brownies, take a berry. Take two brownies, take a berry. Scrumptious!

JojoRomancer pie


Pie. Sweet and savoury, pie is delicious – if you want to feast your eyes on something trrrruuuuly de-pie-ghtful (hehe), check out @jojoromancer on instagram. She’s an absolutely pastry whizz. And if you don’t want sweet, why not have a pork pie and cheese tower as your tier cake instead?

Poppy Pickering Macaron

Macarons. They’ve been round for a while but the flavours keep getting crazier and the products keep getting prettier – the amazing Poppy Pickering is a mac master. Use them as favours, or have a gorgeous macaron tower as a focal piece.

Blossom & Crumb Waffle Stack

Waffles. Waffles are sooooo versatile – bring breakfast to the wedding dinner. We spotted these amazing waffle stack cakes from Blossom & Crumb in Brides Magazine – sandwiched with cream and drizzled with berries and syrup and all things lovely, they look so spectacular!

Scones Tierney Photography

Scones. Have afternoon tea on your wedding, like these guys did with scones from the infamous Betty’s (who provided the stunning location for a shoot we featured last week.) (photos by Tierney Photography)

Moral of the story being: if you don’t like cake, don’t fret. There’s a wedding supplier for every which baked good out there, and they’ll be thrilled to come up with something bespoke to suit you. They want to get baking so that you can get making your dreams come true. You can have your not-cake, and eat it too. Yay!


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