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DIY Cupcake Backdrop

DIY Cupcake Backdrop

Yes, we get it – we’re a little obsessed with writing about backdrops currently. But it sure beats writing about my impending degree doom, or the British weather (which is rain, currently, for all you meteorologists out there.) Plus, we have good reason to be: we work with some incredibly creative people who are wonderful enough to share their genius with the world.

One of those people is Rania, from the Custom Cake Boutique. Way back in March, the Custom Cake Boutique had a pitch at the Most Curious Wed Fair, which I was attending (by which I mean walking around with love in my eyes and my jaw leaving a trail of drool as it dragged across the warehouse floor.) And not only did they have a pitch…they had a pitch decorated with hanging (most importantly, entirely edible) cupcakes.

I can confirm as an honest and impartial eye-witness that it looked like something out of a beautifully-tasting dream—the kind of scene you expect a gap-toothed model to be running care-free through for a delectable perfume advert. And that is absolutely a compliment: it was entirely captivating. If you needed any further proof, it was 4 months ago, and I’m still obsessed with it. Click here to see why!

Rania’s been lovely enough to share the process for us, so you can all get your hanging-garden-of-cake-dreams fix too. Here’s how she did it!

Project Hanging Cupcakes

'I'd seen so many pretty pictures of hanging flowers for all sorts of weddings, hanging from arches and ceilings, I just knew that cupcakes would look just as lovely with the added bonus of being edible too! Having a terrible sweet-tooth myself, I was motivated by the thought of being able to wade through clouds of cake just waiting to be picked off and eaten!'

'First I needed something to hang them from and simple garden arches from my local garden centre, sat in buckets filled with sand, did the trick. I then tied bamboo sticks across the top of the two arches to create a ceiling and more hanging space. Just a single arch on its own would work for creating a smaller backdrop with the cupcakes tied up on to the arch.'

'Next, was figuring out how to attach a piece of string to the cupcakes themselves. I found the best way to do this was to make a hole all the way through the centre of the un-iced cupcake and then thread a piece of baker's twine through. I tied a fairly large knot at the bottom of one end, that was bigger than the hole so that the cupcake would be "sitting" on the knot once hung up.'

'The final stage of hanging the cupcakes up was the most time consuming part, so make sure you factor enough time for this stage, which will need to happen on the day of the wedding. I use a Swiss meringue buttercream which stays soft, therefore I could only ice the cupcakes after I had hung them up. But as they weren't to be inspected too closely don't worry too much about getting your swirls Pinterest-perfect. Other types of buttercream, such the American one, which develop a slight crust after sitting out for a couple of hours, would be suitable if you wanted to ice before threading the twine through the whole cupcake. Choose colours to compliment your styling for the buttercream.'

'The tricky part of having cupcakes in general is that they do need to be eaten fairly soon after baking. Also, whilst the baking and buttercream making doesn't take too long, keep in mind that you'll need some more time to thread all the cupcakes and tie them up on the day.'

'And voila, you'll have both a fabulous backdrop for super sweet photos as well as a number of party games for your guests - anyone for Bobbing for Cupcakes?”

Want a helping hand to hang them up on the big day? Pick me pick me!

Written by Ellie Kime and Rania Kashi from Custom Cake Boutique

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