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Edible Wedding Favours: Our FAVOURites

Edible Wedding Favours: Our FAVOURites

Wedding favours. A sticky subject, often reserved for the last few weeks before your wedding which is reserved for 'fiddly bits': the little elements that round a wedding off, but cause so much stress. But, one of the best bits, if you do them right! Gone are the days of pastel-shelled nuts in organza drawstring bags chucked next to a wine glass, and here are the days of thoughtful, creative favours that won't look out of place within your carefully curated styling, and which your guests will look forward to taking away. With whimsical, bohemian and dreamy being the wedding buzzwords du jour (and oh how we LOVE the ways we see this manifesting itself), we have just the favour and flavour-provider in The Whimsical Cake Company. 

The Whimsical Cake Company is the brainchild - or, more accurately, dream child - of Skye, who sets out to make cute gifts for special occasions to make people smile. It's fair to say she smashes this goal. Originally completely unable to bake - the Whimsical Cake Company starts with much less whimsical origins, when Skye's fairy buns for her daughters turned out disastrously, causing her to sign up for a one day baking course - Skye now brings to life a whole host of crazily cute characters in sumptuously special sweets. 

As expertly-made artisan products, they make the perfect wedding favours: they're all made with love and heart and soul poured into them, but they look INCREDIBLE too. Skye's range of products goes from the Aww to the Aaaaah!, meaning that you're bound to find favours that fit with your theme and look incredible nestled on the table amongst all your other styling bits.

Here are our FAVOURites, so to speak...

Marshmallow Peeps

Marshmallow wedding favours.jpg

These super cute marshmallows are all individually hand painted, given them all personalities as unique as those of your guests. I'm talking everyone from your uni friends who are slightly too sleepy after a couple of wines, to your smashing-down-sambucas Grandma. 


Friendly flumps

Flump Kawaii Wedding Favours.jpg

These friendly fellas bring all the whimsy with them. Super soft and super sweet, they look amazing on any table, injecting a bit of colour!

Flump couples wedding favour.jpg

Alternatively, why not buy them in packs of two to represent you and your beau? A soft and squidgy representation of the two of you to thank your guests.

I Love Us Chocolate robots

Chocolate Robots Wedding Favours.jpg

Made from the finest Belgian white chocolate and a tiny gold leaf heart, these are decadent, delicious, and definitely unique. Their colours are vibrant and we love the soft edge on this uber cool theme!


Unicorn Jar filled with marshmallows

Unicorn Jar Wedding Favour.jpg

Your wedding is your dream come true, so why not make the favours the stuff of dreams too? Unique unicorn jars filled with striped marshmallows bring an air and grace of fantasy and magic to your day. Instead of a jar per person, why not have these in the centre of the table with a sign saying "Pick from me!"?


Chocolate Unicorn Kisses


The finest Belgian white chocolate mixed with sprinkles and a whole lotta lovin' creates these incredible geometric creations, perfect for an edgy warehouse wedding or a contemporary urban celebration.


Pastel Day of the Dead Chocolate Skulls

Pastel Skulls.jpg

Edgy vibes continued with these pastel-coloured skulls, complete with glittery sunken eyes and colourful floral headdresses. These solid chocolate skulls are perfect for a wedding with a darker, fantasy-inspired theme, for the couples that do do treats but don't do twee.


Boo Bites Kawaii Ghost Cookies


Do you, wonderful And So To Wed reader, take your partner to be your lawfully wedded husband? You boo. 


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