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The Wedit: The Only Wedding Way Is Essex...

The Wedit: The Only Wedding Way Is Essex...

Our ASTW Hometown Wedding Supplier Edit (the Wedit) continues today with the lovely Luella, Social Media Queen and Southern Belle, giving us the low down on what Essex has to offer for couples getting hitched...

I’m sure you are all currently preparing yourselves for the Essex Wedit to feature rather excessive amounts of bling (after all this is where the vajazzle originates from), but fear not, we are going to explore a whole lot more than that. As well as Essex being the home of the most divine, untouched and understated countryside, as I explored my hometown and surrounding areas for inspiration, it swiftly became apparent that it is also the home of some top class independent businesses within the wedding industry. On that basis, here it is – a blog dedicated to all those small independent business owners in Essex, who’s creativity, passion and commitment is immensely inspiring.

Happy Girl

Let’s start in the coastal town of Leigh-on-sea, where the ultimate happy girl, Vicky, is busy living her dream running her small independent business – Happy Girl Cards. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am definitely a sucker for a beautiful greeting card, and recently thought it was about time I boycotted the lengthy trips to generic high street card shops, where I often attempted (unsuccessfully) to root out a quirky but suitable card for each occasion. I then stumbled across Happy Girl Cards, and hallelujah, my prayers were answered! Vicky is so very approachable and accommodating when it comes to creating you something specific, and is always happy to incorporate your ideas into the uber cute and distinctive Happy Girl style.

The Country Garden Flower Company

When it comes to the wedding flowers, where else to turn but The Country Garden Flower Company. Based in Layer Breton in Colchester, I was whole-heartedly in love with every aspect Patrick and Sheree’s business concept from the off. The Country Garden Flower Company combines the seasonal blooms from their own garden, with other locally sourced flowers if necessary. Working closely with customers is key for the Patrick and Sheree, and for those of you who are super organised, you are invited a year in advance to visit their garden. So get your clipboard at the ready and head over to the beautiful utopian Essex garden, to choose your preferred blooms. If a clipboard is not quite your style, and organising your flowers a year prior did not even enter your mind, do not panic, this does not mean you will be denied the right to use The Country Garden Flower Company for your big day. In fact, Patrick told me their most fantastic brides are those that give them the wedding colour scheme and allow them to use whatever is available in the garden at that time. This way they can really go to town on the creativity, making it super special and completely unique. I mean come on, doesn’t this just sound perfect, and oh so very British? (Photo credit: own, Ella Violet Photography)

Rock The Day

If all that talk of year-in-advance planning has left you suffering with nausea over how much you have left to organise for your wedding, then it’s about time I introduced you to another Essex based business that can offer you the helping hand you’ll be grateful for – Rock The Day. The fairy godmother of event planning and styling, Rock The Day offers a bespoke service to provide, from a little, to a lot of guidance, help and advice for your big day. There is literally nothing these people do not know when it comes to event planning, and this really is the reassurance you need in the run up to your wedding (especially if you accidentally slip into Bridezilla mode!). (Photo credits: Love That Smile Photography, Gemma Giorgio Photography)

Sash and Veil

Next we arrive in Wivenhoe, the picturesque town that is most definitely postcard worthy, and where you will find Sash and Veil HQ. Sash and Veil specialises in unique handmade wedding accessories that merge vintage and contemporary materials to create the most exquisite pieces. ‘Attention to detail is our passion!’ – this one sentence alone is all you really need to know about Sash and Veil, the rest will speak for itself. If there is one thing we shouldn’t do, that is underestimate the power of attention to detail. It is the time invested by founder, Heather, that truly makes all the difference. From the one-to-one consultations, through to the intricate work of each piece, this is what guarantees customers beautifully bespoke wedding accessories.

PS With Love

Finally, let’s call in at Coggeshall, the home of PS With Love. Founder Beverley always strives to create exceptional quality, craftsmanship and originality in all her work, and truly believes in getting to know each bride individually, and understanding exactly what bridal accessories they are looking for to complete their look. I know what you’re thinking – would I be able to pair a veil from Sash and Veil, with accessories from PS With Love? The answer is yes, yes, yes! And as if by magic, Beverley provided me with images from an exceptionally gorgeous Essex wedding supplier shoot. With thanks to PS With Love, Sash and Veil, Rock The Frock, Bridal hair by Jennie, and Photography Studio Rochford, for showing off the beauty and expertise of small independent businesses in Essex. (Photo credits: Studio Rochford)

So that is that ladies and gents, my case is closed. When we bypass the so-called stereotypical interpretations of Essex, a delightful destination is revealed, and what’s more, we have ample amounts of creativity offered to us from independent business, that can provide us the personal service we are looking for and assist with pulling off a wedding that oozes individuality and uniqueness. Pretty darn talented in my opinion!

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