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 From Russia (And Yorkshire) With Love

From Russia (And Yorkshire) With Love

Are you ready to see the most sensational wedding you’ve ever laid eyes on in your entire life? Because I am so READY to show you the most sensational wedding you’ve ever seen in your life. Make sure you are entirely in the zone for this marital masterpiece: get a warming cuppa ready, find a pet to snuggle down with, and prepare a sling for your jaw to try and minimise any breakage when it hits the floor.

Lewis and Xenia are the ULTIMATE stars of cool, as is plain to see from their incredible wedding. But their wedding is anything but plain – effortless, minimal, stylish, achingly cool, but not plain. It was inspired by Wes Anderson films, colour palettes and soundtracks. Much like a Wes Anderson film, it’s a thing of wonder: a perfect explosion of overwhelming beauty and good fun. If you renew your vows, guys, can we be involved?

Firstly – the outfits. You may have seen Xenia on A Most Curious Wedding Fair’s instagram a couple of weeks ago, and immediately wanted to find out more about her über cool wedding style, which featured a stunning lace dress with a satin slip over the top. She handmade the dress, using vintage 1800s lace to create a high-collared design with button detail all the way up the back and fluted sleeves. As if this wasn’t special enough, Xenia teamed it with a sumptuous champagne coloured slip with a step-hem (sewed onto the lace on the morning of the wedding), pearls, and pale pink chunky boots. Our kind of bride, and our kind of style icon, forever. In a rust-coloured suit (the colour of which is BEAUTIFUL and I highly recommend for consideration), Lewis also held up the style front incredibly well. Also worth noting is that members of the wedding party had their names embroidered on the cuffs of their shirt, which makes such a lovely memento for ever more.

With such a stylish couple, what venue could possible do their love justice? Well, luckily, Middleton Lodge in North Yorkshire could, perfectly. The building is full of charm and character, providing romantic, moody photos of Xenia getting ready (just casually ironing her vintage Victorian lace a couple of hours before the ceremony, no biggie), and beautifully opulent shots of the bridal party with their entrance imminent. The outdoor ceremony took place in a private wooden structure in the gardens, meaning the ceremony was stripped back, and full of natural, earthy colours to match.

The minimalist colour palette definitely continued into the reception, held in a marquee decked out with gorgeous white swags and running fairy lights. The stationary suite was unfussy black font on white card, including an unplugged ceremony sign bearing the note that ‘unfortunately’ the wedding is not a One Direction concert. We adore the unique table plan, a bold, minimalist statement with each table being the name of a Russian leader. The table decoration was simple, with jars of thistles and daisies bunched together, amongst neighbouring pots of succulents, and the cake, of course, was an array of tiered cheeses adorned with fresh fruit, which was later cut up for a cheeseboard.

Now, Xenia and Lewis seem like a couple who are simply too good to be true. Since the day was so sensational, you may think, surely they had no effort left to plan an incredible evening do? Wrong. Accompanying the aforementioned cheeseboard (which, as far as I’m concerned, already makes for an exceptional party), the after-party was hosted in the bare-brick bunker bar, which provided a cosy, warm space to let loose. If I don’t end up having a bare-brick bunker bar in my house when I’m rich and famous, take it as a sign that I have failed. On entry, each guest received a copper cocktail mug to keep, for their very own personalised Moscow Mule, if they wanted to break away from the Washboard Resonator’s performance.

I honestly don’t think any words can accurately describe the intense, all-consuming adoration I have for Lewis and Xenia’s wedding. It’s breathtaking and effortless but in the most wonderfully unpretentious and authentic way; in true Wes Anderson style, it’s such a grounded occasion whilst still seeming a couple of glorious degrees away from reality. Overall, it’s an aesthetic dream that perfectly encapsulates the love of the occasion. And speaking of perfect encapsulation, special mention must be made to Fox & Owl Photography, who documented this incredible day and brought it to us for feature. Chloé’s storytelling is the finishing touch—the cherry on top of the (cheese)cake. Just look at the photo of Lewis and Xenia reflected in the two mirrors…a match made in heaven! (If heaven is North Yorkshire – which we think it might be!).

Written by Ellie Kime

Photography by Fox and Owl

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