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Fun, Classy And Unique Hen Party Themes

Fun, Classy And Unique Hen Party Themes

Planning a chic and stylish hen party can often be difficult when trying to get the balance right between making it feel like a hen party, not just a night out, but also maintaining some sort of non-willy, elegant, class. But never fear, And so to Wed are here to help. We have put together 50 fabulous, chic and unique hen party themes that you will love.

1. Black And White - a classic, easy to do, everyone will have something they can wear and you'll all look great!

2. Honeymoon Theme - this one could be brilliant, we hope there are lots of brides out there planning skiing, hiking and snorkelling honeymoons.

3. Stars - a fabulous metaphor for what us ladies are! 

4. Animal Print - keep it chic by telling hens to team it with black and a glass of champagne (of course!)

5. Husband-To-Be's Job - is a dentist? Astronaut? Chef? 

6. Prom - get your ball gowns out, think Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed! 

7. Historical Figures - if you're a die hard history fan you might want to go super authentic but if not, go with with the big hitters that are easy to do, Cleopatra, a Roman, a Viking, they all pretty much just involve a bedsheet cinched in and the odd prop!

8. Narnia - get really whimsical with this one, you could choose any of the woodland creatures, the children or the ice queen herself.

9. Flower Crowns - simple, easy and gorgeous!

10. Wizard Of Oz - we love this one! Maybe not chic or classy but definitely fun! Assign everyone a character with the bride being Dorothy or Glinda, whichever she'd prefer but she obviously has to be the central figure!

11. Masquerade - grab a mask and a drink and you're ready!

12. White - tell all the hens to wear white, this might sound a bit boring, or as though you're stealing the brides thunder but it makes for amazing photos and white is the 'wedding colour' so it's a good way of clearly being a hen party without the willy headbands.

13. Musical - there are so many good ones, Grease, The Sound of Music, Fame, every hen is sure to find one that suits them and just to make the evening more authentic, why not hit a karaoke bar so you can sing at the top of your lungs too?

14. Vintage - a gorgeous hen theme, especially if you have a vintage bride. You could either pick an era and tell the hens to dress accordingly or just leave it up to them and have a mixed bag. A great activity is to have a vintage make over and photo shoot, the bride and hens will love being pampered, you'll look the part and also have the photos as a lasting memory.

15. Christmas Jumper - probably best for a Winter hen but we won't judge if you rock your snowman woolly in Spring!

16. Favourite colour - easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

17. Grease Is The Word - rock your 1950's dresses and pink ladies jackets, things are about to get really cool! 

18. Tutu's, Tiaras (And Wellies) - this is a great one if you're heading to a festival but even if you're not, embrace it, we've seen people rent cottages and rock this look while walking through muddy fields to the local pub to kick off the hen night, wherever you are you can make it work!

19. Superheros - na na na na na na na na na na Batman!

20. Glitter - because every girl loves glitter! Get your glitter clothes out, your glitter make up and hair spray, and why not get a glitter confetti cannon while you're at it!

21. Game Of Thrones - perfect for the die hard fan.

22. Breakfast at Tiffanys - we had to include Audrey as some point, she is the epitome of chic and the height of sophistication in this film.

23. Pirates - arrrrrrrggghh!

24. Whimsical -  think fairies, unicorns and rainbows, think fabulous decor, super cute favours and go crazy with your outfits, this is every girls dream! 

25. Flapper - take a leaf from the Downton girls and get your 1920's on!

26. Nautical - hello sailor!

27. Cowgirls - so retro it's now chic!

28. Beyonce And Bling - celebrate him putting a ring on it as the Queen of the World would.

29. Mad Hatters - either wear a ridiculous hat or why not do a hat making class so every hen has the opportunity to make something totally unique, perfect for you crafty hens.

30. Festival - get your Glasto on! Pull out those maxi dresses, denim jackets and wellies, rock your wrist bands and neon facepaints, this is always a great alternative hen party theme for any indie, music loving bride.

31. Decade You Were Born - come as your childhood hero or what you wanted to be when you grew up, this is a great ice breaker if a lot of the hens don't know each other.

32. A Night At The Movies - and the award goes to...

33. Tropical - pretend you're somewhere hot, get out the flamingos and pineapples, serve the pina coladas and dance!

34. ABBA - be a dancing queen!

35. Little Miss Characters - cute and creative, we love this one as it allows each hen to feel a little bit special being their own Little Miss.

36. Spots And Stripes - super stylish, easy and classic!

37. Alice In Wonderland - fall down the rabbit hole, so many fantastic characters with this one, if you're going as the Mad Hatter, don't forget to take your teapot out with you! (perhaps filled with prosecco!)

38. Floral - pretty and unique, and open to interpretation. Let the flowers run wild!

39. Black And Gold - the classic colour combination that screams chic .

40. Frozen - let it go! You know you want to! If you're not a Disney fan then go with a classic Ice Queen inspiration, a great idea for a Winter hen.

41. Tuxedos - turn the tables and suit up.

42. Woodland Animals - this one makes us smile, we have visions of you all dressed up as squirrels, rabbits and perhaps a badger? 

43. Eurovision - oh my goodness, we know we said classy but you just have to put that aside for one moment. This is possibly the best hen do theme ever if you love a bit of glitz, a bit of glamour and a bit of cheese - ooo, and don't forget your microphone!

44. Artists - yes, we have seen an actual hen party out all dressed as artists with the bride wearing a frame around her head made up as the Mona Lisa, truly original and we love it!

45. Metallic's - bang on trend for 2016/2017, metallic's aren't just for your wedding styling, bring it into your hen night for a super chic, easy to do theme.

46. Teddy Bears Picnic - cute, quaint and definitely different. Treat your besties to sarni's and cocktails surrounded by a gorgeous woodland setting. And don't forget to tell them to bring their bear!

47. Jane Austen - think Pride and Prejudice, think Mr Darcy, or, if you're not sold on wearing nighties, go modern take your inspiration from Clueless, possibly the best version of Emma ever made! Like, whatever!

48. TV Personalities - go crazy with this, we think there should be a prize for the most obscure.

49. Cute And Candy Floss - pink, white and sickeningly sweet!

50. The Bride - take your inspiration from the woman of the moment, your beautiful best friend who is about to tie the knot. Whether it be choosing a hobby she loves or dressing up as her favourite kids tv characters, show her just how much you love her by taking a part of her life she cares about and make it your theme. The perfect send off for any bride!



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