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Get The Right Fit: Wedding Lingerie

Get The Right Fit: Wedding Lingerie

One of the things that probably symbolises wedding preparation most is shopping for the dress. Whether you go with your mum, your daughter, your entire school class from 2,000 or you buy it online, for many it’s a crucial part of the love affair, and it’s important to get it right: to ensure that you look as beautiful as ever, that it’s the kind of dress you want, and that overall you feel like you can take the day by storm in it. 

So our question, lovely readers, is this: why do so many women overlook their underwear? (Other than pinning beautiful eyelash lace sets on Pinterest, obviously.) It’s the fundamental base level at which you need to feel totally comfortable; also, having different underwear on can completely change the look of your dress, and we don’t want to chance these things. This is especially true for ladies with bigger boobs, as the process to find a well-fitting bra gets slightly harder. You wouldn’t settle for an ill-fitting dress, so why settle for an ill-fitting bra?

As your guardian angels, we’ve compiled our essential pointers for those lovely ladies navigating the annuls of wedding underwear for the D+ life, enlisting the help of bra goddesses Bravissimo (a company set up exactly for this reason) to see what you should be thinking about, even before the dress itself.

1. Firstly—find your size.

This may seem obvious, but it’s estimated that over 70% of women wear the wrong size bra, and that’s hardly surprising with less than 40% having ever been for a professional fitting. The wrong size can bring a whole host of issues, ranging from looking uncomfortable to severe back problems, which is not what we want for you! Bravissimo girls are super friendly and can help you with this—if you can’t get to a store, they have a great online fit guide.

2. Don’t panic at your size.

Bras and boobs have evolved over time, which means that the system of numbers and letters isn’t an exact science any more. You could be one size in one brand, and an entirely different size in another brand. Whatever the size is, even if it’s a bigger letter than you even know bras came in, don’t panic. Letters don’t mean nuttin’ when it comes to terms with your beauty. Also, a well-fitting bra will actually draw attention away from your boobs, whether it’s a large size or not, because they’ll be sitting pretty and properly).

3. Go shopping before you buy your dress and see what’s out there for you.

I know, we’re pushing you to do HORRIBLE things. Aren’t we meanies? It’s really helpful to do this BEFORE you go dress shopping; knowing what’s available for you will make dress shopping so much easier. It’s a really sad truth (one we think needs rectifying IMMEDIATELY…a job for the new Prime Minister maybe?) that past a certain bra size, backless/strapless bras become more limited and harder to come by. But don’t be alarmed – grab a cuppa and we will look after your boobs no problem. Some stars in a reasonably-priced bra car are:

STRAPLESS DRESSES: Some gorgeous ones for bigger boobs are the Luxe, and the Evie. If you’re armed with this info from the getgo, it could save you hundreds of pounds worth of deposit on dresses that may be marred by some extra straps!

VINTAGE DREAMS: If you’re looking to be a vision of bigger-boobed vintage gorgeousness, there’s always the Andorra, the Elodie, or the Isla: all gorgeous sets guaranteed to make you feel like a dream.

The added bonus of knowing what's out there before you go dress shopping means that you can know exactly how the dress will fit you on the day too – no surprises!

4. Get to know the fit.

If you have trusted favourites in your lingerie drawer that you rarely stray from, a new bra may feel really alien and quite harsh. Wear it a couple of times, making sure you’ve scooped all your boob into the cup and that the straps are properly adjusted, and this will eliminate discomfort on the big day. This is also important with strapless bras: get to know exactly where it’s supposed to sit on you.

5. Take caution with corsets.

Although boned corsets do provide lift and some support, its not a parallel fit to a bra. If you want the support of your two friendly fabric cups hoiking you in—a lone corset just won’t do, no matter who says so. Instead AMAZING UPLIFT is given by the Satine, Elise, or the Deco Darling, which pack a wow factor.

If you’re looking for some extra tummy control, maybe try a basque, which will give you an extra layer to pull you in a bit.

6. Make sure you feel as fabulous as you are! 

Written by Ellie Kime

In association with Bravissimo

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