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Gold Three Ways

Gold Three Ways

Wedding décor styling is undeniably so exciting, but it’s also terrifying. There are so many elements to think about, and even with the best will in the world we can all empathise with the feeling of putting everything in a crate and hoping it looks ok on the big day. There’s space, texture, colour, and depth to think about, and that’s once you’ve decided on your overall theme. However, fret not, there are solutions. The first, of course, is to hire a wedding planner and venue stylist who can transform your space into the stuff of dreams, like Pamella Dunn, a wedding fairy godmother who’s knowledge and expertise is second to none (I’m of the firm opinion that Pamella could have done better than a glass slipper and a pumpkin carriage for Cinderella, I truly am).

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a more DIY, handmade attitude to your wedding, you can create some pretty spectacular results yourself. You may be bursting with ideas from the off, but if not, Instagram and Pinterest are full of some breath taking tablescapes to whet your appetite. Keep an open mind, because inspiration can come in every form and from every direction, without looking boring or over-hackneyed, where your personality can shine through. To prove this, three of Pamella’s interns embarked on a mini challenge, under her tutelage, as part of her My Wedding Business, which runs amazing inclusive courses to help small wedding businesses achieve their potential. All three interns were given the same brief—a gold table—and told to style it as they saw fit. The results were (if we do say so ourselves) a lil’ special something for sure—the perfect display of how different styling can be. So, drum roll please, may we present to you: Gold Three Ways: the Pamella Dunn My Wedding Business edition!

Emily K Weddings - Rustic Boho Golden

When I think about a rustic table setting, I don’t immediately think gold. From this, my concept sprung: a table scape that reflected the boho rustic style but embraced the gold and metallic trends of the brief too. How could the rustic vibe be pushed further, leaving the traditional jam jar and log pile wedding centrepieces behind? I wanted to integrate it in a new way.

The timber tabletop was a perfect base for the theme, layered with a golden sequin table runner and then each place setting draped with a soft voile fabric. To add more texture, eucalyptus branches adorned the table centre with nestled white ranunculi and pinecone place card holders. The use of modern, gold metallic cutlery and hexagon mirrors on the charger plates added a modern geometric twist to an otherwise natural-toned, earthy scene. This contrasted against the free flowing eucalyptus and the ornate candelabras, while the feathers and logs reiterated that boho rustic vibe in the details. The candelabras and lanterns also brought height to the design, looking romantic but also providing intimate lighting at a higher level.

Designing this table taught me not to be afraid to add layers of different textures and heights to a tablescape. Crucially, I think the different contrasting materials really achieve a full and interesting look, totally embracing the free spirit style of boho.

Written by Emily

Redamancy Wedding Planning - Gothic Romance

WThe embodiment of the phrase “sassy, classy and a bit bad-assy”, this table had drama, it had passion and it had edge. Personally, everything I could dream of!

I decided to design my golden tablescape with a gothic romance feel to it, as high drama is such a huge trend for 2017 and the styles are so beautifully suited! Some takes on gothic romance can feel a little aged and faded, so I really wanted to bring a fresh and modern feel to this style.

When it came to the table’s centrepiece, I wanted to change things up slightly. Often, this is where a table gets its height, from candelabras or flowers in a tall vase. Although this provides the table with some height and drama, the impact of an unexpected table centrepiece offers a whole new talking point. I opted for a clear glass box, a definitive nod to the Lucite trend taking over Pinterest right now, filled with varying shades of pink flowers heads. Sitting there unassumingly, amongst the glass candlesticks and the beaded chargers, this floral box delivers a dramatic impact. The box is trimmed in gold, a nod to our original brief, which, alongside a jet-black sequin tablecloth, added a touch of tasteful glam. The muted tone of the candles and the pink petals at each place setting sends a coolness throughout, keeping the overall look on the right side of gothic.

Written by Charlotte

Ellie Kime - DIY Tropical City Party

As you may note from the title, my concept for the styling was eclectic, with my main focuses being glitter, confetti, and fun. I wanted a concept that rebelled against muted tones and blank canvases, whilst also wanting a table that included handmade, heartfelt elements. Essentially, I wanted a table that screamed ‘fun’ (but in an actual fun way, because I feel there’s nothing less fun than something screaming that it’s fun).

From the start, my focal point was always going to be pineapples. I love the tropical trend that’s been around for a while now, but wanted to give it a modern and unique twist. This is where the gold comes in! I painted actual pineapples golden, and kept one as the table centrepiece, whilst hollowing one out to make it a stunning vase. Amongst an array of metallic tea light holders, pink-toned candelabras, a gorgeous deer’s antler and tiny spray-painted toy animals, it gave the table an über-cheerful, excitable feel. (I return to the notion of eclectic!)

The backdrop for this wonderful menagerie was a gold sequin tablecloth, on top of which I placed a homemade black and white striped table runner. This monochrome element brought a grown-up, city chic vibe to the tablescape, which we tied in with grown-up glossy black elsewhere, in the candelabra and the pineapple trinket box. I was absolutely thrilled when Pam, absolute style queen, said it made her think of Kate Spade! If you’re looking for some styling collaborations that are on the fun side, Kate, you know where to find me…

Feeling inspired? Check out Pamella’s, Emily’s, Charlotte’s, and Ellie’s instagram for more ideas, and make sure to check out the photo shoot section of our website!

Emily K

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Ellie Kime

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Photography by Cream Photography

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