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Times have been a’changing in the design world this past week: Pantone, the global powerhouses on colour (yes, that is a thing) have announced their Colour Of The Year for 2017 (which is a couple of weeks away, by the way. Isn’t that madness?). Last year it was Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz; you may have noticed an abundance of pale blue and dusky pink in everything this year. For 2017 – drum roll please, the Colour Of The Year is…GREENERY.

And thus the crowd goes absolutely wild. Officially, Greenery Pantone 15-0343 is described as a ‘fresh and zesty yellow-green’, which ‘signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate, and reinvigorate’. Whether you believe in the power of colours to this extent or not, they’re definitely right that the shade is bright, fun and brings vitality with it. As it’s also a natural neutral, it’s also calming and pleasantly uplifting. All these things lend themselves to some very exciting wedding possibilities, and we’re about to show you exactly how to make the most of the new 2017 Colour Of The Year.


Who’d have thought it, hey: Greenery lending itself well to flowers? (Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.) But in all seriousness, a bouquet which is overwhelmingly green makes a real statement, looks cool and contemporary and will wow your guests. Using bright green as an accent colour against dark green foliage will look stunning, or highlight it with some white blooms studded throughout. The overall look lends itself so well to an amazing ethereal fairytale feel, and sets you apart from other cookie-cutter bouquets.


Absolutely don’t be afraid to use green as the accent colour for your table. Use big swags of eucalyptus leaves along the middle of the table, use palm fronds as place setting accessories, and collect everything together using gorgeous hand-dyed green ribbon. Use green and gold as your décor colours, and it’ll look fun, opulent and fabulous.

Place Settings

Cacti and succulents have been everywhere recently, and for good reason: they’re fun and quirky, on top of being a brilliant way of splashing some greenery into your day. Alternatively, jazz up leaves with gold calligraphy to make understated but impactful place settings.


The Pantone colour this year is so natural that inspiration can be found absolutely anywhere. And if you’re inspired by it and want it at your big day, then so it should be! Anything can look amazing as a wedding theme – just take these apple centrepieces, or this velvet tablecloth!


It’s not often that you see a green cake (especially in the wedding world, it’s even less common than a blue wedding cake, which is usually a no-go in every other culinary circle) but it can be done. And we’re not talking a white cake topped with flowers, either, or a dark forest green. We’re talking bright, bold, sparkling emerald green. YES!

Don’t like leaves?

The colour Greenery doesn't limit you to actual greenery! Bright, fresh colours can be used without any nod to plants at all – for example, these watercolour invites really nail the fresh Greenery vibe without a leaf in sight (apart from the rose next to it…but just pretend that’s not there).


I don’t think I own much green clothing aside from the odd checked shirt, but my GOODNESS does it look incredible in bridalwear! Have your bridesmaids wear green (it’s supremely flattering), pop some emerald slippers under your dress, or incorporate it into your accessories, the possibilities are endless!

So, sayonara to Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz and guten tag to Greenery: we can’t wait to see what this year will bring, and how you will style it. Bring on 2017!

Written by Ellie Kime

With thanks to:

Craig & Eva Sanders

Tracey Reynolds Floral Design

Ivy & Inks

Shannon Christopher

Laura Goldenberger

Jeff Brummett Visuals / Dallas Affaires Cakes

Amanda K

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