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Halloweddings: The Verdict Is In

Halloweddings: The Verdict Is In

Okay, so maybe not the most imaginatively entitled blog post but if there’s a pun there and ready to be used, however basic, it would just be rude not to.

Once upon a moon it would have been considered tacky, gimmicky and downright garish to have a halloween themed wedding. And in all fairness, the judgement was apt. Up until recently, any halloween wedding attempted looked like a high-school fancy dress party, quite like that infamous Mean Girls scene where Cady turns up as an ‘ex-wife’ / zombie bride. Furthermore, orange - the archetypal colour of halloween past and present - is hardly wedding-appropriate. Have you ever seen bridesmaids in pumpkin orange dresses? No, and for good reason. Plus, perhaps the most obvious point, why would anyone want to commemorate the happiest day of their lives whilst celebrating all-things death-related. I’m sure you agree that it doesn’t perhaps set the right tone for a lifetime of happiness.

But fast forward to 2017 and suddenly, everyone is getting it right. It may have taken us a bit of time to feel out what works and what really, really doesn’t, but now I am itching to be invited to, or plan, a hallowedding myself. There’s just so much creativity to get stuck into!

Why? Well, I must applaud everyone for the fact that the decor has really stepped up a notch. We’re spraying pumpkins, guys! No more fluorescent orange to be seen! Whether they are white, blush pink, gold, or even black we’ve made those humble little members of the squash family trés high-fashion. And that’s what a beautifully styled wedding is all about - taking the unexpected and making it look like something from the pages of Elle Decor. Alternatively, use your pumpkin pals to make the basis for floral centrepieces instead. Vases? Ever seen a ghost use a vase? I didn't think so.

Halloween Pumpkin Wedding Centrepiece

hrow it back to 2015 and the rustic look was very much the big thing. Dare you deviate from this and there were loads of women everywhere grimacing and making that “ooooh” noise (you know the one that happens anytime someone makes a faux-pas?) But in 2017, rustic weddings have taken a backseat to more creative and bespoke weddings. It seems that couples are taking the time to really work out what such a personal day really looks like to them, and then going for it. This may mean they’re opting to hire breathtakingly beautiful crockery to match their colour palette, or getting crafty by making perfectly pretty paper flowers for a jaw-dropping backdrop.

This new energy in the wedding industry, for couples and wedding suppliers alike, means that Halloween weddings are the perfect stage for the most creative weddings yet, as we head into a year that will, no doubt, be all about personalised and bespoke weddings. So how can you really pull off the most stylish October wedding that the world has ever seen?

Read on my pretties for all the inspo!

We’ve mentioned these already but sprayed pumpkins make for the coolest, and chicest table decor. Whether you paint these to match your colour scheme and then stencil on table numbers to direct people to their seats, or you bulk by the bad boys and use them to line long banquet style tables at your reception, there are so many possibilities. If you want some new and inspired ideas then keep an eye out on Instagram over the next couple of weeks and I can assure you that there will be plenty! #PimpYourPumpkin

Maybe you’re onboard for the inclusion of pumpkins (we can all recognise how symbolic of autumn they are) but you’ve got already got your decor sorted. How about weaving pumpkins into your wedding menu instead? Pumpkin soup is a hit with nearly everyone these days and if you were planning on having soup for a starter anyway then this is an easy fix. Or, how about combining two very cool autumn trends, and having a DIY coffee station complete with pumpkin spice lattes? Now that would be a wedding I would kill to attend! Chin Chin!

Bright orange may not be scream ‘wedding glam’ but mute that colour down or go for a nice burnt l’orange and you’ve got yourself a much chicer shade. This can transfer across to so many parts of your day from the flowers to the favours. How about macarons, in romantic shades of muted orange and brown, beautifully packaged up for your guests to take home? And flowers in smouldering tones of burnt orange and yellow work incredibly well as an autumnal wedding bouquet without conforming to the obvious colour stereotypes.

Looking for something that works for both the evening entertainment and catering? S’mores are your winner! If you’re having an outdoor wedding then consider asking your venue if you can use a fire pit. They may have one themselves that they are happy for you to use, or if not then they’re fairly inexpensive to buy. Not only will this be a hit with guests when the temperature drops well into the evening, but it means that you can all toast s’mores. Named that way because as soon as you’ve finished your first you’ll be asking for “some more”, they are a gooey marshmallow chocolate stack sandwiched between two biscuits. Just pop them on the end of the stick and toast over the fire for the perfect treat to round off the best day of your life.

If you have any pictures of a halloween wedding you’ve attended, or even from your very own hallowedding then hallelujah we would love to see them! Share them on Instagram using the hashtag #ASTW or #AndSoToWed and we may very well share our favourites in the run-up to halloween! If you’ve got it, haunt it!

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