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House of Bilimoria

I met Shilpa from House of Bilimoria at The Most Curious Wedding Fair back in March. Her exhibition stand was full of amazing textures and patterns and after talking to her I instantly fell in love with her and the concept behind her LUXCYCLE business. The idea of taking a family heirloom and transforming it into something beautiful for your wedding day is pretty special. 

Behind every great business is a story, so I wanted to know how the lovely lady came up with this gorgeous idea. So here's her story...

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I grew up wearing handmade dresses that we crafted by my Grandfathers. Coming from a lineage of tailoring, making clothing is something that has come ‘genetically’. My mother taught me how to sew and used a pattern, once, and then I was off. I would cut apart her old sari’s and transform them into dresses, that I would then go to parties in where all heads would turn and ask, ‘where did you get that from?’ 

Fast forward to 2008, after formal education and a degree in Fashion & Textiles I set up my label House of Bilimoria. 

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The label has gone through many phases, the roots began at bespoke clothing and ready to wear, which then, as I had the skill turned into a sampling and production business. My label was left on the back burner and a new focus had me busy. At the end of 2016, after several ups and downs, it was apparent that the business had turned into something that didn’t have my heart in it. 

Here is where House of Bilimoria Bridal was born, and more intricately the Luxcycle (luxury upcycle) Bride. Going back to my roots, which stemmed from this rich heritage of traditional tailoring and bespoke clothing. Pairing this with my huge passion for sustainability, the process from my childhood of using my mother's old saris- hit a cord. 

I launched our Bespoke Bridal concept at The Most Curious Wedding Fair at the Old Truman Brewery in March 2018. We took our travelling treasure trove, with a range of gowns made from upcycled materials, heirlooms and end of line fabrics that would otherwise be destined to landfill.

I love the idea of heirloom, the memoirs that can be felt through the softness, or a print in a fabric. What you remember of your loved one caring and wearing it, is one I know myself. Weaving this idea into our Bridal range, we can take any item, whether an existing dress, a throw, cushion, curtain and turn this into something BRAND new, that has you knowing and feeling the sentiment, but to the eye of the beholder just you in your gown or garment! 

There are so many possibilities to create, from using heirloom fabrics for linings in waistcoats, or even as belts on your flower girl dresses. The heirloom is what tells us where to go. And once you are done, the hope is that it remains and one day upcycled again itself.  As the legacy keeps on and on…

Photography by September Picture

It's beautiful isn't it?! Shilpa works on a consultation basis to make sure your designs are truly bespoke. Get in touch to book a consultation and make something beautiful out of those old garments that have that extra special meaning. 

Happy Friday! x

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