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How To Do The Best Girl Wedding Speech Ever

How To Do The Best Girl Wedding Speech Ever

Wedding speeches: the bride’s father, the groom, and the best man. We’re a nation of glorious tradition and history, and there’s nothing wrong with that (in contrast, actually, I revel in it. Tea and a Jammy Dodger anyone?). But what if—God forbid—you’re female, and you want to make a speech? How on earth does that work?

If you’re a bride and you want some online support with your speech, researching might end up being quite disheartening depending how far into the deep dark internet you go. Whilst help for men’s speeches are aimed at maximising laughs, good-humoured embarrassment, how to bring a tear or two and leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside, the few tips that there are for women are mostly centred around how to gushingly show appreciation for your new husband, and thanks to your joint family for supporting you through your clearly hormonally imbalanced approach to the wedding (yeah, right).

Really, though, some of the ‘help’ that’s offered to grooms/best men are gems, such as ‘I’d just like to say how wonderful the bride looks in white. She’ll blend in beautifully with the kitchen’, and ‘Let us all be upstanding and give the bride the clap she so richly deserves.’ Update, kids, it’s not 1954. We’ve had a marathon run in space, Leicester won the Premier League, and the Queen mocked America in a brilliant video on twitter. Let’s just put those jokes in the sea, shall we?

Whilst we’re in no way saying that you shouldn’t get emotional and say lovely things about your new partner, but why can’t you make your speech hilarious too? Perhaps bring up some old gems that only you could tell. We love the growing trend of brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the couple speaking on the big day. After all, they’ve played just as important a part (if not more, in some cases) in the wedding planning and preparation. Furthermore, your friends are all gathered there to celebrate YOU—and your partner’s friends are all there to celebrate you being a cemented part of their lives. People want to hear you speak! Give the people what they want!

I’ve absolutely no doubt that you, our wonderfully creative reader, will have no trouble in coming up with a really captivating speech, but if you’re stressing (and the internet hasn’t helped you with that) here’s some basic pointers to help you out.

  1. Remember who you are, and embody that. If you’re the bride, everyone in that room is there to celebrate you and wish you well. If you’re the mother, everyone in that room is grateful you did such a fantastic job raising your daughter and helping create this special day. If you’re the bridesmaid, you’ve been hand-picked to represent the couple in front of all their loved ones…turn what could be seen as daunting into a positive, and believe in yourself!

  2. Decide on your focus in separate parts of the speech. Do you want to use your way with words to mainly reflect on the love and happiness of the day? Or do you want to ramp the mood up with some cracking anecdotes? By all means, do both, but maybe don’t keep chopping and changing between, or your guests will be all over the place before they’ve even had a drink. Have a clear structure that allows you to cover everything you want to say and get everything you want from it i.e. laughter, tears and a lot of 'Great speech' drinks bought for you later at the bar!

  3. Share anecdotes and quirks that the majority of the room can go along with and enjoy hearing about, rather than specialist jokes that only 3 other people in the room will get. For one, it’ll captivate people, and for two, it’ll save you having to explain it for the twenty fourth time at midnight!

  4. Be creative with it. I recently went to a wedding where the groom was a keen sailor, and his best man was his shipmate. The best man framed his speech in terms of their boating history, marking different points of the groom’s life by which boat they had. It was unique enough to make you really appreciate their special bond and history, but was also a really nice thread to keep the speech making sense.

  5. Practice outloud, and use this to structure your key reminders on some paper (or flashcards, like O-Levels & GCSEs way back when). Maybe give it its first outing with a few of your besties, to gauge the reaction—plus, when you totally smash it, it’ll be a nice bonding moment that you’ll remember for just you girls!

  6. Enjoy it, your way.

Now, get scribbling down all the anecdotes you can think of—how you and the bride completed an Ironman together, the time when your new husband tried to oven-bake a fried egg, and what a fab day you’re going to have – they’re all gold for your speech, and you’re the golden girl.

Don't forget to send us through your wedding moments once the big day is over, so if someone has filmed your speech, send us a copy! 

Written by Ellie Kime

Photo courtesy of Lets Get Weddy

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