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How to do wedding flowers on a budget

How to do wedding flowers on a budget

Elisabeth Anderson, from Amamini Flowers, takes three different types of bloom, Gypsophila, Scabious and Saponaria and creates two very different bouquets, helping you to see how for less money you can have lots of different looks.

'I had the idea to make two  types of bouquet without using many different kinds of flowers - which can make things very expensive, still having the same shape and theme of popular bouquets.'

'So Gypsophila had to feature - its the white tiny flower - easy to work with - you can do quite a lot with it. It can be a filler flower or a whole feature in itself around the church and venue.'
'The second flower is Scabious, that's the blue - this looks a little different - really hardly ever seen on the high street - but a very English grown summer flower  - it comes in white too - sometimes pink.'
'Lastly I used pink Saponaria - again a bunch goes a long way and while not as robust as the other two it definitely adds the pretty summer factor to the look. '
'Holding this all together is the foliage, Eucalyptus Nicoli - the green is soft and goes well with blues, white and pinks. It has long fine drappy leaves - perfect for both styles of bouquet. '
'I do think these three flowers would be great as table or church flowers too...in a natural summer country wedding - for a lot less money. '

Loose long bouquet

'The first look is a large, loose bouquet that has a very country barn wedding - boho look - the tail of Eucalyptus Nicoli would drape over the arm.'

'Gypsophila has a certain starry prettiness - when I saw the very fine leaves of the Eucalyptus Nicolli, I thought the Gypsophila could appear to twinkle through it.'

Mushroom bouquet

'The Mushroom bouquet is very sweet I think - for a bridesmaid or to go with a neat short bridal dress perhaps. The Eucalyptus Nicolli's habit is that it does cover the hands prettily.'

So with just a few English flowers, you can create a look that is easily tailored to your bouquet, church and wedding reception without breaking the bank. For more creative ideas, get in touch with Elisabeth at Amamini Flowers, she'd love to hear from you.

Prices -

Mushroom bouquet £22.00

Loose long bouquet £25.00 

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