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How To Have A Handmade Wedding

How To Have A Handmade Wedding

Make What You Can, Buy What You Can't!

It's very simple, getting this right can help save you a lot of stress, time and money. So first things first...

Make What You Can

This will look very different for each of you depending on your creativity, skills and time available. Some may be able to dedicate hours each week, have all the necessary tools and knowledge and that something special spark that means you can just magic beautiful things out of not very much. If this is you, then go for it, make, create and get inspired! There's so much out there you can do that can help you save money and have a truly bespoke wedding. Here we'll share some ideas with you. However, if this isn't you, don't fear, keep reading, take what you'd like from the 'Make what you can' section and then move on the the 'Buy what you can't' to still have a wedding totally unique to you. 

Styling & Decor

You can easily get creative here, if you're going for a rustic feel, handmade bunting, hessian table runners and painting up ladders as a DIY seating plan are just a few ideas. If you'd like to do your own flower arrangements, Natural Favours have shared some fantastic tips you can view here. Whatever your style, the web is packed full of fabulous ideas and inspiration as well as step-by-step 'how to's'. The Knot has some great DIY wedding articles including how to make these gorgeous gold mason jars.

Want to have a photo booth or statement piece for your wedding? What do you love? If it's bright colour then get yourself to the market, buy a load of different colour ribbons and make a rainbow wall by hanging them from a garden cane or simply blue tac them across the wall in different directions. If you're a lego fan then why not tie together lego pieces with fishing wire or transparent jewellery string and hang your garland wherever you fancy. For a fabulously cheap way of adding the wow factor use balloons or flowers to add to your wedding styling, we love these from BuzzFeed


There used to be a time when wedding favours were sugared almonds and that was it, now brides and grooms are thinking outside of the favour box and coming up with truly unique gifts for their guests that represent them as a couple. Here are just a few ideas we love. 

Handmade soap from Weddbook 

DIY heart teabags from our very own Ellie

DIY cake in a jar recipes from Country Living

Whatever you decide to do, just remember, there are no rules any more when it comes to wedding favours, so don't be afraid to break the mould and gift your guests something different!


Making your own wedding dress is not for the faint hearted but if you're confident in dress making, it can be a wonderful way of having exactly what you want as well as saving a lot of money and having a beautiful keepsake to pass on to your family. There are lots of practical tips online like this from Restless Grace and Pinterest has a world of patterns, material tips and other advice. 


Even if you're not very good at being creative, your wedding stationery is something that you can still make yourself and can be as simple or as extravagant as you'd like. You can pick up a variety of craft materials from your local market or Hobbycraft. You can even look at designing and printing your own wedding invites, A Practical Wedding has some great tips on how to do just this! 

It can also be cost effective to buy a personalised hand stamp and then make your own Save the Dates and wedding invites that way. We love this example from Noolibird

Now, if you don't have the time, creativity or skills to hand make every element of your wedding day then look no further...

Buy What You Can't

At ASTW we love all things handmade, whether it be by you the bride and groom or by one of the millions of super-talented small businesses that are out there in the UK. Our Directory is packed full of these wonderfully skilled and creative lovelies, whatever it is you're looking for we'll know someone who can make it for you. The best bit about these businesses is that because they hand make your wedding item you can design it exactly as you'd like. By speaking directly to the business owner you can request the style, colour or material to be changed creating a truly bespoke 'something special'. 

So here are just a few examples of what you can find in our Directory to inspire and enthuse!

Styling & Decor

We're focusing on flowers and cakes today with sumptuous florals from The Flower Arranger and Foxy Buds and delicious detailing from The Sugared Rose. Discover more styling and decor ideas here: Flowers, Cakes, Styling


They're are so many talented dress makers out there, you needn't spend a fortune to get the  designer dress of your dreams. Here are two of our favourite designers, sharing a lace theme we can't get enough of these two dresses from, Flossy and Dossy and Elizabeth Malcolm. You can discover more here: Dresses


As well as your wedding favours, gifts for your family and the rest of your bridal party can be made really special by adding a personal touch. We absolutely adore this hankie for the mother of the bride from Extra Special Touch.  

Extra Special Touch also create beautiful personalised gifts for your bridesmaids, fathers and groomsmen. 


Be beautifully bespoke with your wedding Save the Dates and invites by going handmade. Swoon at the Moon can design stationery that reflects you as a couple, here are just a few examples of their work. Discover more here: Stationery

The fabulous LoveLi will walk you through the design process from start to finish and help you create stunning wedding stationery that will give your guests just a hint of what you have in store on your wedding day. 

Whatever details you want to have at your wedding, whether they be handmade by you or someone else, it's important that you get them right, you pay a price you're comfortable with and that you are happy with the end result. We aim to ensure all these three things so if there's something you'd like and you're not sure where to get it, get in touch, either comment below or email hello@andsotowed.com and we'll help you create your day, your way, with handmade wedding elements that will leave you and your guests smiling. 

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