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How To Turn Your Business From Sales Wasteland Into A Lead-Lovin' Money Making Machine

How To Turn Your Business From Sales Wasteland Into A Lead-Lovin' Money Making Machine

Imagine having a regular stream of delightful clients who are a pleasure to work with; clients who only want to work with you, who are prepared to pay whatever it takes and appreciate every aspect of the work you do. And just imagine if these lovely clients were recommending you to their even lovelier friends. Imagine the sense of ease you’d feel!

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?!

However, if this client paradise sounds as far removed from your reality right now as a ride on a three legged glittery unicorn – then read on! If you’re struggling to attract leads, let alone convert them, I can help you.

I’m Nadia Finer; I’m a business coach, specialising in helping female entrepreneurs like you to work less and make more money.

Follow these simple steps and turn your sad, blank book of sales into a lead lovin’ machine!

1. Target your ideal clients

Are you attracting the right kind of clients? Do the have money? Do they appreciate your work? If not, why not? You’re the master of your own business. You da boss! You get to decide who you want to work with. So, if the people you’re currently attracting are not nice, or appreciative and they’re not less than willing to part with their cashola, then you might want to change things up!

2. Stand up, stand out

Do you blend into the background? If your business is more bleh than a pair of beige linen trousers with an elasticated waist it’s no wonder your ideal clients are not coming to find you. They don’t know you’re there and frankly they don’t care about you either.

If you want to attract people, your perfect people, then you need to stand out and have a point of view and a strong message. Make it clear to people what you’re all about and who you’re for.

3. Talk to me, baby

Sitting at home and waiting for leads to land in your lap is definitely not the most effective way of growing your client base. You need a sales process, which involves having actual real life conversations with real life people.

The purpose of a sales conversation is to listen to your client’s needs and find out if you’re a good fit. And you can’t do that unless you have a conversation. Aim to be booking discovery calls every week, to keep your sales pipeline filled with loads of leads.

4. Selling is just helping

Reframe your view of sales. Selling is just listening to someone’s needs and offering to help them. No more trying to force yourself onto people who are clearly not interested. No more getting the fear and wandering off at the end of the conversation. And definitely no more giving away all your value for free because you’re afraid to ask for the sale!

Instead you’re going to listen to what they’re saying so you can understand what they’re struggling with and what they’re trying to achieve – and then offer to help them sort it out! Simple.

5. Automate the process

Save time and hassle by automating elements of your sales process. Just because you work alone doesn’t mean you need to be doing every single task all by yourself. Enough of the control freakery!

For example, use software that makes it easy for people to book in with you for a sales conversation online; a bit like having your very own robot receptionist! What will you do with all the time you save? Go to the gym? Drink cocktails or maybe get paid to work in your zone of genius?

6. Get organised

Remember that client who wasn’t quite ready to work with you? You know, the one with the red hair, whassaname….

How do you track your leads? On the back of your hand? Hmmm. Putting a system in place that enables you to follow up with people easily will increase your chances of converting your leads.

Use a Customer Relationship Management tool – like 17hats.com or Capsule, for example, to keep everyone’s details organized in one place. Keep an eye on warm leads, make notes about each client and easily see when to check in or follow up with people.

7. Be front of mind

The sales process is a lot like dating. Not everyone is going to be ready to leap into bed with you after two glasses of prosecco. These things take time!

Be prepared to put the work in and show your people how much they mean to you by delivering value consistently. You can do this in a number of ways, through blogging, email marketing, videos, live streams, webinars, all kinds of things – the important thing is to remain front of mind and show your potential clients that you’re there for them, when they’re ready.

Let us know how you get on in the comments section below.

Written by Nadia Finer

Nadia Finer is a business coach specialising in helping female entrepreneurs work less and make more money. If you’d like to discover Nadia’s six super-simple, low-tech strategies that will turn your tiny business into big bucks. Sign up now and get your FREE workbook delivered right away. 

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