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Keeping Up With The Kime

Keeping Up With The Kime

We're having a short break in our Wedit series to bring you a very fitting ode to Ellie Kime. Today is her last day as Managing Editor at And so to Wed and we wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to such an integral part of our Team, our story and our blog as she moves on to the next chapter in her journey. 

Ellie Kime. Remember that name; you’ll be hearing it a lot over the next few years. And over the course of this blog post you’ll see exactly why that is. Even though this tribute comes as Ellie steps down as Managing Editor of And so to Wed to embark on her newest wedding adventure, I’m going to make this sound less like an obituary and more like “Ellie Kime: This Is Your Life”. Oh, and don’t worry - she’s not leaving And so to Wed, she will still be sharing her wonderful wisdom by being an integral part of our Writing Team so you don’t have to say goodbye to her just yet!

Ellie, this is literally the equivalent of that bit at the Baftas when an A-list legend is presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award and their best friend gets up on stage to gush about how amazing they are. You, my friend, are an A-list legend and I am that lucky friend who gets to tell everyone why you’re amazing.

Ellie first joined And So To Wed in November 2015 and since then she’s kept us all entertained with her witty, insightful and forward thinking blog posts, made every recommended supplier fall in love with her (she writes emails which make you feel very special), and brought us the coolest event write-ups all the way from London Town. Not every writer manages to spark the kind of hilarity in a blog post that causes wedding professionals to message each other their funniest lines from the piece, but that’s why Ellie is the best.

The wedding world can sometimes be accused of being a bit ‘samey’. Flick through the pages of the latest wedding glossy and you’ll be met with the same narrative that has been pedalled for the last twenty years, plus the occasional piece commenting on the obscene price of such-and-such’s celebrity wedding. Snooze! But Ellie is one girl who, let loose with a qwerty keyboard and a cup of tea (she is from Yorkshire after all), can turn wedding news on its head and present a blog post that is a pure joy to read. She is the Caitlin Moran of the wedding industry, and I hope she follows her writing Doppelgänger’s example and brings out an Anthology of her work, because it would no doubt be a best-seller.

We need to thank Ellie for bringing us genius articles over the last year and a half, from “A Love Letter To Millennial Pink”, “Wedding Etiquette - Dos, Don’ts and Whatever You Feels” and the much loved “How To Write The Best Girl Wedding Speech Ever”. She’s certainly provided a fresh and unique perspective on the industry, and given us a lot to think about. Ellie empowers everyone around her, and her blog posts consistently empower brides, grooms, and industry professionals to do whatever the hell they want - and that’s the type of person we all need in our lives!

If you’ve never met Ellie then let me just describe her for you. She is incredibly approachable - both in person and online (i.e. sends the best gifs), she’s roar-your-head off hilarious, and she’s got style in abundance. She dresses like the girl off Pinterest whose picture you’ve saved to your ‘Girl Crush’ board and is darn right lovely with it. She’s the wedding ‘cool girl’ to watch - always brimming with the best, most creative ideas. If you’re lucky enough to land her as your wedding planner in the future then you have struck gold, my friend! Because your wedding will be the most ‘pinned’ thing since Kim and Kanye’s wedding flower wall.

If you follow Ellie on Instagram (and if you don’t then you can do so here for a feed full of fun) then you may have struggled to keep up with her wonderful wedding adventures of late. Most recently she has been working for A Most Curious Wedding Fair, manning their social media, weaving together fabulous write-ups about all the suppliers, and generally just doing what she does best - bringing a little bit of EK sparkle to the mix. She’s interned, she’s networked, she’s blogged and she’s been a general wedding industry superstar. All whilst studying a Philosophy Degree, which she will literally have just finished at the time of this blog post going live. Reading that is enough to exhaust anyone, but Ellie takes it all in her stride. She’s the only girl I know who could still be writing and scheduling the amazing blog posts you read on here, whilst revising for exams and generally just trying to take over the world of weddings.

I personally met Ellie a year ago, and since then we’ve worked as Brand Ambassadors for Pamella Dunn together, coordinated and styled industry shoots together, started a copywriting business together, and now we both write for And So To Wed. Every single one of these opportunities has been more amazing because Ellie has been on-board. Quite simply she is the Dec to my Ant, and I know everyone else who is lucky enough to know her has a special place in their heart for her too.

Over the course of this tribute, I’ve compared Ellie to an A-list at the Baftas, Caitlin Moran, and Declan Donnelly. But I’ve got one more comparison that I think really just sums her up. It’s not a really clichéd sentiment about a diamond or anything, don’t worry. No, Ellie Kime is like a 2016-produced new pound coin - exciting, limited edition, and bound to be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in the future.

Ellie, from the whole team at ASTW, we wish you all the luck in the world as you get stuck in to your newest adventure. And to all of her fans, you’ll still get to read her beautifully-crafted blog posts right here!

Written by Charlotte Spain

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