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How To La La Land Your Wedding

How To La La Land Your Wedding

(Minor spoilers alert: but if you haven’t yet seen this film, go do so immediately.)

I’m going to go ahead and guess a fair few of you have seen this musical masterpiece in the last couple of weeks. It’s the old-school jazz musical that has won eight million Golden Globes (accurate fact, look it up) and stars megababe Emma Stone, my ultimate woman crush, and similarly megababe Ryan Gosling, who’s fast becoming my ultimate man crush. It’s shot straight to the coveted title of my favourite film of all time, and I now spend most of my spare moments engaged in eBay wars for cinema posters for it.

As you may have gathered, this blog post is an unapologetic ode to the film in all of its glory. But why am I talking about it on a wedding blog? Shouldn’t I be writing this love letter in a teenage diary? Well, no. I’m combining my two favourite things (and only narrowly leaving behind my third favourite thing, sausage dogs) to bring you the La La Land guide to weddings.

How to La La Land-ify your big day:

The Style

I walked out of the Odeon in Camden ready to gut my wardrobe, fully prepared to exclusively embrace the ultimate romance of Mia and co’s flippy skirts and brogues. I wanted to go full-on Singing In The Rain, performing (ill-executed but) impassioned dance numbers in the middle of the street. Unfortunately, I was wearing a baggy pair of Levi’s at the time, so gave it a miss. However, I think there’s something to be said about the fact that both Mia & Sebastian took style inspiration from by-gone eras and looked exceptional whilst doing so. If you want your wedding to have a look reminiscent of your favourite time in the past, do so. There are so many wedding suppliers out there nowadays whose creations pay homage to vintage themes, with a contemporary twist.

The Location

Ok, so we may not all be lucky enough to live in La La Land itself, but the film was full of stunning venues often overlooked. Run-down jazz clubs, an observatory, a Hollywood glamour cinema – these could all be amazing venues for a reception. If you fancy having a really unforgettable wedding, investigate more unusual venues in the area you want to celebrate in—anything from warehouses to schools, themed bars to creative collaborative spaces. I’m positive you’ll be pleasantly surprised, if not thrilled, at the gems you’ll uncover on your doorstep. Alternatively, wed on a hill with the most romantic purple sunset behind you if you’re on close personal terms with the Weather Gods.

The Colours

The beautiful purple sunset isn’t the only amazing use of colour we see in the film. Mia and her pals constantly wear bright colours—primary colours in the ‘Someone In The Crowd’ scene—and there’s always a bright neon light lit up somewhere. There’s a trend for muted, understated colours at the moment, and though we love the industrial, elegant themes flying round, we also adore the vivacious playfulness of bold statement colours. They’re a wonderful injection of joy for a decidedly joyful day. On top of that, Pantone’s Colours Of the Year for this year are full of gorgeous brights.

The Music

Now, I’m not here to tell you that your wedding playlist should exclusively include jazz, although Ryan Gosling did a very convincing job of selling it in the film. Neither am I about to tell you that you should play the soundtrack at the reception—although, if you did, I would immediately stand up and scream an emotional rendition along with you. What I think we should learn from this is that you should play the music you want to play, and that best reflects you two as a couple, because your passion and enthusiasm for it will automatically bring people to the dancefloor. Crafting a playlist with precisely the right amount of songs on it for certain demographics of your guests is lovely, but often too much hassle which doesn’t recoup enough reward. As the night goes on, most people will dance anyway—even if only because they’re drunk, having a second wind, or because they’ve finally given in to the goading of others.

The Dream-Chasing

I LOVE THE AMBITION AND SELF BELIEF IN LA LA LAND. Just putting it out there, so much so that I had to put it in capitals! Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem...Well, kids, if you have a dream, don’t let anyone stop you from living it. Whether your dream is an elopement with just the two of you, or a wedding with a giant adult ballpit, a corgi as your ringbearer, and a ring donut as your wedding jewellery, you live it. There’s nothing worse than looking back on your wedding day and regretting not being true to yourself. A la the whole theme of the film, follow your heart, lift and support each other, and see your dreams bloom in glorious loving technicolour.

So, there you have it. I’m a somewhat obsessive personality anyway (when I was four, Mumma and Papa Kime tell me, I went through a phase of only wearing pink and only eating bread. I don’t recall), but this time it’s different. Beautifully shot, gloriously composed, and nothing short of breath-taking (both with awe and sobbing, of which I did a lot), La La Land is an absolute banger of a film, but also pretty good inspiration for a banging wedding too. Dreamy, colourful, and romantic – what more could we ask for?

***Whistles into the distance…***

Written by Ellie Kime

Images by The Flower Arranger,The Arches. Flossy and Dossy and Neil Thomas Douglas Photography

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