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Light Up

Light Up

Happy Friday you lovely lot. Today we're talking lighting up your wedding celebration, with great ways to incorporate lighting indoors and out, as well as creating fantastic wedding photos. 

Lighting is one of the things that is often overlooked when planning a wedding, and yet it is one of the key aspects of your wedding decor that can have the biggest impact. Get it right, and you can very cost effectively, create a unique and super stylish look, get it wrong, and you and your guests may feel like you're at a parish hall kids party where there are only two levels of lighting - bright white light or dark. 

So lets get stuck in. 

Getting Your Indoor Lighting Right

Wherever your venue, they should be able to discuss your lighting options with you. Lighting forms part of your styling and it's important that you think about the overall look you're wanting to achieve when deciding what lighting you'd like on your wedding day. Is your wedding vintage, contemporary, rustic, historic, colourful, outdoors, intimate, a huge party etc? This will then dictate whether you want to go for lower, more romantic lighting, festival style lighting, candle style lighting, fun, colourful and bright lighting and so on. 

It's also a good idea to separate the day into sections. You may want to set a different tone for your ceremony, wedding breakfast, drinks, dancing etc. Think practically, you don't want to be walking down a candle lit aisle and for the rest of the room to be pitch black. You also need to check with your venue about what type of lighting they do and don't allow. Some venues do allow you to use candles, some don't, most will let you hire lights in but some won't, and you'll also need to check whether any of the lights need fittings and if so, is the venue ok with that? 

Lastly, do speak to your photographer about lighting. They will be able to give you some great advice about what to include, what to think about and also discuss ideas for what pictures you'd like to achieve.

Adding The Wow Factor

Lights are a great way of giving your wedding decor big impact relatively cheaply. You can hire giant letters from independent businesses such as Doris Loves or Typical Type, These make a great photo opportunity, focal point on your dance floor and also give your guest's that 'wow' factor on entering a room. You can create your own lighting feature by purchasing or hiring a neon sign, light up foliage, drape festoon or fairy lights from the ceiling or simply by having a wall of fairy lights. When it comes to lighting, if your venue is ok with it, then absolutely go to town to create what you want. 

Get Some Memorable Photos

Some of the most beautiful wedding pictures we've ever seen have the couple and light at their heart. Lighting can make or break a photo. Getting your indoor lighting right can be the key to nailing that first dance wedding picture, getting the fun group images of you and your friends and family or capturing that beautiful moment where you're laughing so hard with your bestie at the bar. 

We love the idea of including lighting within a photo booth or photo station at your wedding. Indie businesses like The White Bulb create beautiful handmade, light up floral hoops, floral and foliage letters and light up wreaths, all of which add that extra something special to your wedding photographs, plus you're left with a beautiful keepsake. 

It's All In The Detail

You can use lighting within your decor, as centre pieces to your tables, get light up letters to top your wedding cake and much more. The world is your lit up oyster when it comes to wedding details and lighting. Let your imagination run wild and explore Pinterest to get new and creative ideas. We love the idea of putting battery powered fairy lights in bottles to use in your seating plan or as centre pieces on your tables. 

The Great Outdoors

Last but not least, don't forget your outdoor space. Us Brit's love getting outside on our wedding day. Whether it be a fully outdoor wedding, having a beautifully landscaped garden at your venue or a roof top terrace garden, lets make the most of this outdoor space and light it up. Festoon lights are a great way of adding some magic and much needed light on an evening. They also fit most styles of wedding and are relatively cheap to hire or buy. You could also get fairy lights or large coloured lights to create a more contemporary feel.

We'd love to hear about your wedding lighting ideas or see pictures from your big day. Do leave us a comment below or follow us on: Facebook or Instagram

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