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Make Tea, Not War

Make Tea, Not War

'Oh look how cute these are!' I hear you cry. 'They must be so tricky to make! Can someone as clumsy as me make these?' (Ok, this might just be me. But the answer is still yes.)

Heart-shaped teabags are an absolute winner – an easy project, super customisable, and versatile too. You could make them as a way of asking your bridesmaids to be bridesmaids, you could make them as favours, or you could incorporate them into the place settings of the day itself. Play around with different teas and the world is your oyster – though fruity ones give the nicest pinky-red!

You’ll need:

Paper Tea filters

Loose leaf tea, any flavour



(Optional: Card & glue)

  1. Draw a heart on your tea filter. Remember, your teabag will puff out a bit once it has tea in it, so don’t make it tiny!

  2. Make sure both layers of the filter paper are in the same place, and cut your heart out. That way you cut both of them at the same time!

  3. Begin to sew them together round the edge, leaving about 0.5 cm between the stitching and the edge of the heart. It’s good to start somewhere near the top, on the side. There’s nothing magical about this: backstitch will do just fine. (So you do a stitch as normal, as you would running stitch, but when you get to the space in between the two stitches, instead of just continuing on, your next stitch is to fill that gap – so it will go back into the hole from the last stitch it made.)

  4. Stop before you get fully round! You need to leave about 3cm of space – then use this space to teaspoon your tealeaves in. (About a teaspoon is a recommended serving of loose leaf tea.)

  5. Continue to sew this gap together, coming to where you began. You’ve made your teabag, well done!

  6. The reason it’s good to start at the side is so that, if you want to, you can leave a string to strain it with. To do this, leave some of the thread trailing. It looks super cute if you glue a little bit of card onto the end of the free end of the thread, for something to grab onto! 

Written by Ellie Kime

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