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The wedding of Mark and Crystal

The wedding of Mark and Crystal

On 18th July 2014 Mark and Crystal tied the knot at the Lynnhurst Hotel. Filled with laughter and smiles, Crystal shares this beautiful day with you.

'The day started with an outdoor humanist ceremony (which I was 30 mins late for oops!). During the ceremony we had sand mixing: two different colours of sand in separate glass containers are mixed in a beautiful glass bowl to create one combined sand which represents the coming together of the two individuals to create a new household.'

'The ceremony was relaxed and my favourite part of the day. I smiled all the way through it, and even laughed out loud at points. We also included a well wishing of the rings where we passed the rings round our guests before the exchange, so that family and friends could each wish us well on our joint adventure.'

'My four best friends read a poem for us, taking a verse each which was lovely and we finished with everyone repeating a celtic well wishing. It was a little windy at times but the wind helped produce one of my favourite photographs with my veil blowing in the air.'

'I absolutely loved my bouquets. One of my best friends made them for me from artificial flowers, pearls and broaches. This meant I could hand pick the flowers. I now have my bouquet as a centre piece for my dining table. My brother surprised me with a photobooth which turned out to be a real favorite with my guests in the evening.'

'My bridesmaid dresses were 1950’s style dresses which I ordered online. I then purchased double white underskirts for each and had then sewn in using a dressmaker. The girls loved them. Especially on the dance floor while twirling.'

'I would say try not to become overwhelmed with the huge choice available. Check out a few options and then make a decision from there. Also try and enjoy the process as the day is over in a flash. '

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