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Mode For Events…

Mode For Events…

It always has, and always will be, our ultimate goal to bring you the crème de la crème of wedding suppliers to make your day perfect. We’ve only gone and secured another gem (de la gem) of a supplier as an official ASTW vendor, and we’re super excited to properly introduce you to them here. Big smiles please as we introduce Tabby and Simon, the tour de force behind Mode For…Events!

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As bona fide specialists in the wondrous world of weddings and events, Tabby and Simon can help you with any aspect of the preparation for your day. Between them, they have such a wealth of expertise that they quickly become your wedding guardian angels. As wedding professionals, they understand exactly what you want and need out of the big day, and how they can help you get there. As professional musicians, they understand exactly what needs to happen on the suppliers’ end (how high does a teepee have to be to accommodate a double bass?). As home owners in Italy, they understand how to make your Italian dream a reality that some of us could only dream of. (I could get you as far as ‘gelato’ and ‘ciao’. You’re welcome.)

The Halifax-based duo pour delightful rustic charm into everything they do. There’s absolutely no danger of feeling like just a multi-digit number with Mode For…, as you’re immediately taken under their wing like close family. Whatever it is you’re looking for help with, they provide buckets of personalised care. This is emphasised by the fact that your original get-together to discuss ideas and themes is most likely to occur over an informal dinner, rather than a grilling in a stuffy office. You’ll come away SO content that your wedding is in the right hands – if a little rounder than you were going into dinner!

Combine this warming welcome with meticulous precision, and you have the Mode For…mula (see what I did there!). Wedding planners with personality are so important for taking care of your specific ideas for the day and ensuring good relationships with those that are making it work. However, Mode For… are also great at the numbers game too. Dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's whilst drawing the love hearts, a keen eye for detail, and an unerring dedication to provide professional perfection result in a flawless wedding management service.

By now, we hope you’re getting the impression that Mode For… is run by some wonderful and friendly people who genuinely care about making your day perfect. This should just make you smile in the knowledge that there are two such lovely people on this earth. Tabby and Simon’s evident approachability has netted them countless of preferred contacts in the industry, meaning they should be your first port of call if you need a supplier search to complete your big day. Their history and standing in the events profession means they have some fab contacts in the industry that could be the perfect fit for you. However, they’ll definitely make sure they are the actual perfect fit for what you want from the day: after an aforementioned yummy consultation, a specific portfolio will be put together, including the costs, details and images from suppliers who suit your vision.

Now, we know you’re hungry from all the mention of dinner – but don’t fret, Tabby and Simon can take care of all of that too. Concurrent with Mode For…, they have set up Café Umbria, a food concept centred around the ambience of a traditional Italian family feast. If you’re still deciding on wedding caterers, chat to them about this too. Café Umbria is focused on the sharing of incredible food, and getting people to enjoy the experience of an amazing meal together – absolutely perfect for a wedding, where everyone’s main focus is joining in to enjoy the experience of your forever together. See what I mean about guardian angels?!

Thoroughly convinced that you need a little bit of Tabby in your life, a little bit of Simon by your side? Chat to Mode For… today on any of their social media, by email or have a good old chinwag. They’ll be thrilled to hear from you!

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Written by Ellie Kime

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