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Most Pinned 2015

Most Pinned 2015

Raise your hands if you spend more time on Pinterest than you probably should do. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands here…but let’s turn this obsession into something healthy and constructive, shall we? The lovely people over there have released the top 10 pins in the UK from this past year, so we’ve given them a weddingy twist so you can change that pinning to winning.

10. Cornwall

Channel the beauties of the coast with seaside touches on your big day. Think personalised stick of rock favours, a Punch & Judy theatrefront for the photobooth, driftwood signs, an ice cream van. Or, if you’re a foodie, have a Cornish pasty cake, or a cream tea (just make sure you put the jam on first!)

9. Kitchen Space

We love the succulents in this photo – use them as centrepieces and take inspiration from the gorgeous forest green and deep purple hues to use as your focus colour. Alternatively, take note from the geometric lampshades. This edgy look will be brilliant on wedding stationery, filled with fairylights dotted around or for holding things as centrepiece decorations!

8. Amsterdam Getaway

When I think of Amsterdam, I think of bridges, canals, and chocolate, but it would appear that we weren’t thinking of that side of Amsterdam this year – instead this photo is the 8th most pinned thing this year. We’re talking bright and bold colours in your bouquet, coloured petticoats for a flash of colour under your dress, and loads of creativity in your wedding stationary. No plain cream!

7. He and She Sheds

This shed screams to me the fact that couples want a space where their personality shines through– so make sure your wedding reflects your interests and represents you. If you’re a festival-goer, have a corner of your wedding with glitter tattoos, facepaints, and hair braiding, if you’re a gin connoisseur, reserve a corner of the room for a special gin bar, with loads of different brews. Let your personality shine through!

6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pots

We want to look like Nigella, we want to have Nigella’s kitchen, we want to be Nigella. We DEFINITELY want her cookie dough pots all the time, everywhere. Why shouldn’t that include weddings? Incorporate cookie dough into your cake, serve it on a desserts table (there’s some great eggless recipes out there, to keep it all safe), serve cookies and milk instead of fizz, or create a brilliant make your own cookies and cream bar for guests to peruse and enjoy.

5. Tom Hardy’s “Dapper Dude” Style

In the absence of Tom Hardy as your groom, make sure you ooze his attitude on your wedding day. Keep your beard tamed, slick your hair back, rock that suit. She’ll love you all the same! And as for your pooch, make sure you involve them too. Ringbearer, sign carrier down the aisle, make sure they’re in the photos; or, incorporate their breed into centrepieces, table decorations, and the stationery on the day. There are some incredible

artists out there who could definitely draw your French Bulldogs wearing flower crowns and in love!

4. Avocado Hummus

You and your fiancé are like the avocado and it's stone: together, you’re a whole. You were loving this avocado hummus recipe this year, so why not have a hummus bar at your wedding? There are so many different recipes out there, and so many different things to dip, you’ll have endless fun. Or, use their Mediterranean culture as inspiration for a warm and bright wedding theme!

3. Peacock Colours

Put this colour palette everywhere, and put it there immediately! Bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen details, shoes, stationery, flowers, tablecloths, feathers as centrepieces…we could never stop. Twin them with greys and blush pinks for the most beautiful colour palette! The colour’s a big part of Art Deco and oriental themes too – are either of those things you’d like to centre your big day around?

2. Camel Coat

Apparently we’ve been lusting after this must-have piece this year, and how to style it for everyday use. Camel hues can also be incorporated into weddings without it looking too boring – for something different, a camel-coloured groom’s suit can look amazing, and bridesmaids decked out in different camels, nudes, and browns can look equally stunning. The camel coat has also been a favourite with fashion bloggers this year, so use the tall white townhouses of London that form a backdrop for their photoshoots as inspiration for the theme. British china, street photoshoots, different flavours of tea…we love it. Finally, if you want to go down a different route, channel the Queen of Nude Clothes, Kim Kardashian, and take inspiration from her all-white wedding.

1. Avocado Baked Eggs 

The humble avocado has topped the list of The UK’s most pinned in 2015, this time in eggy breakfast format. We love a unique take on a wedding, so why not serve a breakfast bar, complete with breakfast cocktails, instead of traditional wedding food? If you’ve got farming ties, run with the idea – barns look amazing when decked out with wedding regalia.

Want to see them all? We’re helpful souls and we’ve collated these top pins on our Pinterest. Just check out our || Most Pinned 2015 || board to explore!

Written by Ellie Kime

Photos via Pinterest

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