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My Wedding Alphabet, N to Z …

My Wedding Alphabet, N to Z …

I have been looking into an A-to-Z of words and themes that I’ve felt during the wedding preparations in the run up to August. If you missed A-M, you can find it here but I finally got around to finishing the alphabet.

N might have to be for Nautical, which isn’t strictly an emotion. But I am truly happy that we have chosen it as our theme. Others suggested Narcissistic, Naughty … but I think the overall winner might have to be Nervous. I am nervous about so many things and really cannot even begin to think about how I’m supposed to sit back and enjoy the day! Will I answer the questions right at the registry office for the notice of marriage? Have I got my dress tucked into my underwear? Nerves are definitely there.

O will definitely be for Overwhelmed by so many things, and I haven’t even got to my big day yet. I really don’t quite know how I’m going to cope. Weddings will be certainly sponsored by Waterproof Mascara, Tissues and courage! P in my mind will stand for Practical; as we’ve planned, we have tried to be as practical as we can allow. Don’t get me wrong, we want to have a great day and enjoy it to the maximum. But my bridesmaids will have a dress they will wear again, the same with the shoes they’ve chosen. Gifts will be part of the day as cufflinks, jewellery and mementos. I’ve made some of the venue decorations as I’ve learnt to sew. We’ve been reserved with our spending, we’ve been thrifty when we can but not to the point of compromise from what we want.

Q is for Quirky, I hope that this choice isn’t taken in the wrong way and that I’m not viewed as being naïve. But I’m sure to a certain extend every bride wants to be different or quirky… There are certain things we’ve planned that we’ve unplanned due to going to weddings and wedding fairs and seeing them used there and going OK … maybe that’s not for us. R will have to be for Realistic, we (and I will use the term ‘we’) as often it’s my other half reigning me in and ensuring that the decisions we’d made or plans to be decided were actually likely, affordable and achievable. Admittedly, some of them were validly vetoed and some were adapted to make achievable. S at the moment would be for Settled, believe it or not despite all the stress, frustration, aggravation; we’ve had some incredible moments in the preparation stages for our wedding. We have had to make decisions about where we are going to live, whether we might move before or after the wedding (as if we didn’t have enough stress) and who we truly wanted to be there.

T for Truthful, I have learnt to be more honest and truthful with my partner, with suppliers especially. At the risk of sounding like Bridezilla, you do have to ask for what you want. If you aren’t happy, you won’t be happy on the day and you may not agree on things at the time, but you’ll have to live with these decisions memoralised in your wedding photos, videos and guests’ memories. U needs to be for Understanding, combined with Settled and Truthful, we’ve definitely developed a much greater understanding of what being a partnership and couple is all about. We also have reached the understanding that there are some decisions we might not agree on but we often reach a compromise in the middle.

V for Valuable, we soon understood how much money we would need and be spending. We have made sure that the valuables are looked after with wedding insurance and kept in appropriate places too. We also appreciate the value of time to do things wedding related and in general, we’ve had a “long” engagement but it’s meant that we can plan and ensure our day will work out to the best day of our lives.

W has to be for Worry and I know it’s possibly not what those brides beginning their wedding planning journeys will want to hear but as a bride-to-be, I’ve worried about everything. Will Auntie Joyce be able to get up the stairs to the venue? Is that the right shade of blue? How high a heel can all the bridesmaids cope with? Is everyone going to be on holiday and won’t be able to come? I know it might seem melodramatic to some but I think I’ve almost worried about everything. But I’m going to cheat on this one and include Wonderful too. We were able to hand-deliver a majority of our invites and catching up with people and seeing them so excited as well as sharing our day with some many friends. I can’t wait!

And now for the challenge… (and some really bad spellings!)

X will be for eXcited, I genuinely am finally getting to the point where I am excited. For a while, it hadn’t seemed real yet and that I’ve been waiting for so long since we booked a venue but gradually as more suppliers became a reality, it’s oh so more real. It truly hit when our amazing venue, All Manor of Events did our running order for the day as well as our chair covers are being especially ordered for us by Polka Dot Chair Cover as the combination has never been done before. It’s getting really exciting now!

Y is for Young (well not anymore!), I’m actually now starting to feel like a grown up. Being able to feel brave enough to commit my life to someone else is enough for me. So although we are having a very child-centred wedding, complete with bouncy castle, pirate inflatable swords and parrots… it’s possibly going to be one of my favourite days ever! Who doesn’t want a pirate hat with their wedding dress?

Z, most definitely is Zapped. I am so, SO tired! But I can’t blame it all on wedding stress.

I hope you’ve found my ramblings vaguely interesting and that some of what I’ve chatted on about useful.

Have fun!

Gemma x

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