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Nathan and Laura

Nathan and Laura

On 26th July 2015 Nathan married Laura at Sandburn Hall. A beautiful rustic styled wedding packed full of personal touches, glamour and smiles, they share their wonderful day with you. 

'We had an absolutely wonderful day, from start to finish. Getting ready with my bridesmaids was lovely. They made me feel so special, kept me calm and made me laugh.'

'Nathan and I had decided at Christmas that we would like to have ukulele players playing as I walked down the aisle. May step dad plays with different ukulele groups and he organised them to play for us. As I started walking down the aisle with my Dad and Step Dad on either side the ukulele players sang ‘You are my sunshine’. My Step Dad told me to look forward, it took me a few seconds to register but my mum was up there too, playing and singing along. She had been secretly learning to play the ukulele for the previous three months and there she was, it was lovely.'

'Our overall theme was Vintage and Lace. We wanted this because it allowed us to create unique and personal decorations, which reflected us as a couple. Nathan’s mum made all the bunting we had, even the mini bunting that hung on the back on the chairs. I had lots of fun researching details for our wedding. I asked Nathan to create a double hinged frame to hang everyone’s names on and had an instant camera next to it for our guests to take a picture of themselves, replacing their name. We love looking back at them and reliving the day, it makes us smile every time. I also wanted to use vintage suitcases and with the help of ‘Little Shop of Wonder’ I created a table plan that was in keeping with our vintage theme. Nathan lined the case with material and I used large parcel tags (from MLSoW) to stamp everyone’s name on.'

'We decided that we didn’t want a traditional guest book and I had found a drop top guest book. We love that it can all messages are visible and we can hang it straight on the wall and reread them at any point. Nathan made the bow ties for the groomsmen. We had said from the beginning that we really liked bow ties and when I saw the polka dot material, I thought it would be perfect. It was funny watching my dad using a tutorial on youtube of 'how to tie a bow tie' on the morning of the wedding. He managed it in the end with a little help. 
 We are so lucky that everyone travelled to be with us on our special day. Nathan and I looked out into the venue during the wedding breakfast, it was amazing to see our friends and family from all over, talking, laughing and joking. Some of these conversations were between people who had met for the first time. We realise how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends and family.'

'If you are sticking to a budget, I think it’s great to create your own decorations; they can be inexpensive and look fantastic. We made many of ours and I loved how they looked and I felt they were a fantastic personal touch. '

'It’s definitely worth trying to stay on top of your planning and ideas. I made many to do lists and checked them off as I went. I was lucky that I had a great coordinator at Sandburn Hall and she made me feel as though all my questions were important and was on hand to help throughout the planning.'

Photography - Claire Basiuk

Venue - Sandburn Hall, Flaxton, York

Dress - Pronovias from Dan Kerr

Bridesmaid dresses - Wallis

Flowers - Lily of the Valley

Table plan - My Little Shop of Wonder

Cake - For Goodness Cake

Singer - Russell Shaun, Alive Network

Hair - Lucy Hughes, Jack Alexanders Hairdressing

Guest book - The Wedding Tree

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