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7 must-do's for every newly engaged couple

7 must-do's for every newly engaged couple

1. Talk Money  

Before you buy or book anything or visit any venues, agree and decide on your budget envelope. This is so important - all your wedding planning decisions will depend on it - when you want to get married, where, who you want to invite, the style, the size of your wedding party, the list goes on. Be clear how much and from where and understand if any contributions come with 'strings or conditions attached or expectations.

2. Be You 

Remember who you are and choose a wedding style that suits you - if you're comfortable with formality and formal is what you're looking for that's fine but don't be pressured into opting for a style that just doesn't reflect you. This goes for choosing your suppliers too!

3. Identify your 'must haves' and 'don't wants'

If you were buying a house you would have a clear idea of the area you want to live in, your budget and maybe a list of the Yes and No's - number of bedrooms, dining kitchen, good transport links into the city etc. The same applies to planning your wedding - if you want to get married and have your reception in the same venue, want accommodation on site for your guests or just for your wedding party, or don't want to have guests staying at the venue....set all of these requirements out on your list of Must Haves / Don't Wants.

4. Draw on as many sources of inspiration as you can

There are lots of fabulous wedding blogs like And so to Wed, the treasure trove of inspiration that is Pinterest, wedding shows and of course, wedding magazines, books and recommendations or referrals from friends, family and venue recommendations. However, be careful! Don't get distracted away from the type and style of wedding that YOU want.

5. Make a To Do list/Action List/Timeline - call it what you like

This will help you with what you need to do and by when. It's important to be organised but also be realistic about the time and the skills you have. If the 'blank canvas' wedding appeals to you - in maybe a marquee or tipi or a church or village hall - do your homework to find out what will actually be involved in painting the picture - can you really do it on your own? What help do you need? Do you access to the level and type of help you need?

6. Be open to flexibility but don't be forced to compromise

Remember it's your wedding day and as I've already said BE YOU. Don't be pressured into choosing something you really don't want (for example, suppliers or venues encouraging you to choose something that you don't really want because ''it comes as part of the package". Keep in mind your Must Haves and Don't Wants.

7. Look After Yourselves!

By all means enjoy your wedding planning and have fun but try not to get too obsessed with wedding planning - (I know that sounds a little strange coming from a wedding planner!) but you should take regular breaks from your plans to spend time with each other - enjoy being engaged rather than just seeing it as a gap between being single and married!

Article by Benessamy Wedding and Event Planning

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