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Pantone Colour Trend Report 2018

Pantone Colour Trend Report 2018

The Pantone Fashion Colour Trend Report is out, kiddies, and if you’re excited, join the club. If you’re left feeling entirely unbothered by this, pull up a pew and let’s go through what it truly means for you.

Every year, Pantone release colour forecasts that they’re predicting will dominate design – specifically, fashion, but this oozes out into every arena of styling anyway. Clothing, interiors, packaging, you name it – and, of course, weddings! Which is where we come in…If you want to get a heads up on what’s going to be all the rage come your 2018 nuptials, we’ve got you covered, with an overview of what the colours are, and how they can be used for your big day.

Ahead of their big ‘Colour of the year’ announcement - which should come around December, if you’ve got your diary handy - Pantone have released 12 colours for spring, as well as the classic, foundational colours of the palette. For the first time ever, they’ve released 4 classic colours – the One Direction of Classic colours, if you will (that was supposed to be a reference to them being made into a band from 5 individual singers, but it also portrays my hatred for Zayn so that works too. He should never have left).

2018’s Spring Forecast is a kaleidoscopic bounty of bright and plentiful colour, with no one thread to tie them together. In fact, Pantone say this collection reflects that exact sentiment: people constantly want to explore and play more and more with their colours and combinations with creativity and no restrictions. Individually there are also some colours that may seem better suited in a more toned-down, autumnal palette, but such is the fun of the fair – there are no seasonal colours any more!


Spring 2018 Top 12 Colour Palette




Meadowlark is as close to neon as you can get without actually lighting up. It’s bold and lively, a perfect shade for a fresh and springy take on optimism and warm fuzzy happiness. It’s mustard’s slightly younger, hipper 2018 cousin. (Also, Pantone, if you’re hiring, I did write a blog post on how stylish yellow was just last week…you know where to find me.)



Cherry Tomato

Think fiery chilli peppers and the red dancing lady emoji – we’re talking high-octane energy, sass, and turning the heat all the way up. A bright and b e a u tiful pop of colour! Go for a fiesta feel with vibrant colours everywhere, with Cherry Tomato really catching your eye.







Little Boy Blue

A much calmer shade, Little Boy Blue is a creamy cornflower colour. A perfect warm blue, it’s a gorgeous blue hue that’s not been overdone at all. Use this as the base for the groom and his crew’s suits.




Chili Oil

Much deeper and earthier than Cherry Tomato, this red is warm and welcoming whilst still packing a punch. If you want darker hues which are still colourful, use Chili Oil as your main accent colour, amid greenery and sprigs.



Pink Lavender

We’ve had the year of Rose Quartz, and now it’s the turn for a slightly cooler, edgier version – Pink Lavender. A violet-hued rose, it’s the perfect pink that’s not too pink, and a great starting point for flower palettes.







Blooming Dahlia

And now the other way from Rose Quartz – a peachy colour that’s the stuff of instagram bloggers’ hairdye DREAMS. Diiiiiiivine! Orange is on its way in big time, and this is an amazing half way point. Use it in your stationery with bold and graphic prints for an uber fun introduction to your big day!







A little bit retro, a little bit modern – Arcadia makes me think simultaneously of fresh street art on the walls of Shoreditch buildings, whilst also making me think of Pac-man esque video games. Luckily, I love both, and think both are fabulous things to evoke. It would make a stunning enagement ring stone and bridesmaids’ dresses!







Ultra Violet

Taking the stage from warmer shades of mulberry, Ultra Violet is a bluer take on deep purple: it’s mystical and magical and rock ‘n’ roll bohemian. Perfect for astrological or adventure themes…





Almost Mauve

Pantone describe almost mauve as having a gentle ‘petal like touch’, and whilst some of their descriptions leave much to the imagination (read the description of the ‘blooming dahlia’ and see if you can work out what tone it actually is) I think this one hits the nail on the head. It’s like the underside of a really pale rose, but not washed out and inspipid, but instead velvety and wonderful. It’s a gorgeous shade for minimalist colour palettes focusing on white, black, and soft greys – think hand lettered invites tied with hand dyed silk ribbons.





Lime Punch

Well hellooooooo there lime punch. Tropical vibes ahoy! This year was palm trees and pineapples, and next year is going to be all leaves and limes. Bursting with bubbliness, lime punch isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it is blaaaaaahdy gorgeous.






A brown’s a brown, isn’t it really – chocolatey and warm, Emperador is a colour that may well surprise you. With its depth and rich tones, it can make a really stylish accent colour. Draw inspiration from chocolate cosmos – flowers that smell like chocolate and look stunning too!








Spring Crocus

Fun and flamboyant, spring crocus is an uber-fresh purple shade and a totally new way of bringing colour into your florals without using hackneyed tones.





What are your thoughts on this year's colours? Are you feeling any of them for your wedding?

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