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Story Of Your Dress: A Personally Embroidered Dream

Story Of Your Dress: A Personally Embroidered Dream

 Customised Embroidered Dana Dallal Wedding Dress

I'm sure you know the feeling, when you're scrolling through Instagram, double tapping (or not, as the case may be), and watching snapshots of people's lives go by, when suddenly, you stop. You scroll back up, and your breath catches. You've just seen something so absolutely beautiful that you need to know everything about it. That's what happened when Cara from the bridal boutique Story Of My Dress posted a photo of an incredibly detailed embroidered wedding dress. Cara's entire feed is gorgeous, a veritable mix of stunning vintage dresses tailored beautifully and seamlessly to fit the modern day, but this picture was particularly stunning. DCI Kime was on the case.

I found out the dress was by the wonderful Dana Dallal Bridal, who makes gorgeous silk and sheer dresses from her studio in London. The gorgeous bride was Bea, an incredibly talented illustrator and the creative force behind Beatrice Rose, and the embroidery was done by Jenny King Embroidery. What was even more incredible than the dream team behind the dress was the story - über romantic, creative, and just goddamn impressive. Read on for the full story behind the embroideries, and get ya tissues at the ready.


"At first I found the process of finding 'the dress' very hard. I looked at many dresses and they all seemed too 'bridal' and just not me, none of them made my heart flutter. I have a very flamboyant dress sense and tend to wear dresses a lot, so I knew that i had to find something extra special for my wedding day. 

I didn't want a dress that I would sell afterwards or never look at again, i wanted an aireloom and something that told our story to our children and grandchildren. I just knew I had to have a part of 'us' sewn into my dress, and this is when i got the idea to find a dress and have it embroidered with my own design on.

I came across Cara's boutique and loved the idea of alternative dresses. I thought that the dresses she stocked would be ideal for me to have embroidered, so I took the train to Kent with extreme excitement. 

Dana Dallal happened to be at the boutique that day showcasing her designs and I was drawn to her unusal shapes and the whimsical yet modern feel to her dresses. They were like nothing I had tried on before. My sister gasped when Cara drew back the curtain and saw me in the dress and she exclaimed with great excitement that it was The One! I bought it there on the spot and spoke to Cara and Dana of my dreams to have the front and back embroidered. 

From then on I found the most amazing embroiderer in Jenny King and got to work designing and illustrating my embroidery.

I wanted to describe our love story on my dress, so I combined the following elements into my design:

  • The words ' All is full of love'  are written across the front of my dress- These are bjork lyrics. Bjork is my heroine and the lyrics summed up perfectely how i believed i would feel on my wedding day, marrying my wonderful kurtis, as well as being surrounded by all the love of our closest friends and family.
  • My husband and i are obsessed with nature and animals and have particular favourite animals, his being a wolf and myself a hoopoe bird, we often combine these animals in our artwork so it felt right to have them embroidered on my dress , to represent us both, I also loved the contrast betwen these animals and the 'brides dress'
  • The flowers on the dress are based on flowers we were nuturing in our much loved garden that year and they reminded me of certain special days as well as romantic holidays we shared.
  • "You're All I need to get by' song lyrics by Marvin Gaye, this was a song very close to our hearts.
  • Our names and the date of our wedding are also embroidered onto the shoulders of the dress.

After finding my dream dress, I knew I wanted our wedding to be very personal. My husband is an artist too - you can find his work here - so we combined both our styles and started creating everything for our wedding. We spent the evenings leading up to our wedding painting and drawing together, we designed all our wedding stationery, menus, order of service, signs for the road, we even designed the stickers for our oil and vinegar bottles and labels for every wedding favour. We wanted our guests to feel welcome and happy as well as creating a personal and artistic venue that represented us as a couple.

On the lead up to the wedding everyone kept asking me about my dress and venue but I just knew I wanted it to be suprise on the day, so I only told a few close friends.

When I reached my husband at the altar on our wedding day, he whispered into my ear "You look amazing", and I knew that I'd made the right choice.

I loved knowing that my friends and family were reading our very own love story illustrated into my dress as we stood at the alter that day."

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