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Pin Your Wedding

Pin Your Wedding

Whatever you see Pinterest as – a goal-setting moodboard, a fluffy dreamland just out of your reach, a time-consuming black hole or just somewhere your partner goes and upon her return makes you eat everything out of jars—it has taken the wedding world by storm. It provides an inimitable world of creativity at the touch of a button, helping stretch your imagination and expand your vision further than it could ever go on its own. Whether you’ve no idea where to start with your wedding and just know you want some sparkle and innovation, or you’ve got a fairly clear plan and just need some details deciding, Pinterest can be your ultimate friend.

I’m going to put my hands up right now though, and wedding professionals and creatives around the world should close their ears as what I’m about to say may actually hurt your heart: I don’t love Pinterest, It doesn’t make perfect sense to me, I don’t think it’s the most user-friendly thing ever, and frankly it’s overwhelming. I’ve kept this concealed for a while as people visibly recoil on receipt of hearing it, all the while valiantly trying to reconcile myself with it. HOWEVER – I’m incredibly pleased to report that I think reconciliation has been reached. I have started using it for planning, gathering ideas, logging my thoughts, and visualising projects, and have fully embraced the wealth of design wonder on there. It is still daunting but it’s a mountain I’ve reached the top of; and I want you to too. If you’re stumped with the ease with which your suppliers and pals have casually told you to just ‘pin it’ or ‘make a board’ – I’m here to help!

Keep It All In One Place

Pinterest is brilliant as a one-stop-shop for your entire theme, as it’s mapped out in your head. But make sure you keep all of your ideas on it, including ones you’ve seen elsewhere, away from Pinterest. You can download a bookmark button to make pinning from any website as easy as one right-handed click (Or a two-fingered tap if you’re a Mac user!). Also, take the note to copy anything you see in magazines or elsewhere (because those things still exist, you know) onto your board, so you don’t have to collate multiple sources later on from paper clippings stuck on your parents’ fridge.

Try And Keep The Sources

Obviously, the whole point of Pinterest is that it’s a quick and easy tool to gather inspiration visually, providing an instant mood board from which you can get the fuzzy feeling of your ideas without the messy PVA and ink all over your hands. However, there’s also nothing worse than falling irrevocably in love with a photo, and centring your day around it, only to find that you’ve no possible way of finding where the original one was posted or how it was achieved and who by. If you can, just check that the link it goes through to is helpful (and not a dodgy-looking wholesale site as they so often are!).

Refer To It With Suppliers

Don’t be afraid: suppliers love Pinterest just as much—if not more, ssshhhh!—than brides and grooms! Have no inhibitions as you send them the link, bring it to meetings or even invite them as a collaborator; they’ll probably be really grateful that you’re showing them your vision in such depth, as they’ll want to integrate with it as best they can. They’ll also just be really excited to see some wedding prettiness; it’s usually what they’re in the business for in the first place! Also, don’t worry about offending suppliers if there’s a specific image you’d like them to draw inspiration from: at the end of the day, they want to create something you’ll be happy with. Having said that, a good supplier won’t copy someone else’s design, and will want to put their own mark on whatever they do. If you’ve carefully selected your supplier, though, this shouldn’t be a problem, as it won’t be out of their comfort zone anyway. You may even find some of your suppliers via Pinterest.

Leave Yourself Notes

Inspiration can and often does come from the most random of places, Pinterest or elsewhere. This sounds like a cliché positivity message but if you open your eyes to the world around you, chances are you’ll find so much that you want to emulate in your wedding (I have a friend who dreamt her own wedding styling entirely from a re-upholstered chair she bought from a man in the street who was getting rid of it). If this is the case, whack it on the board! Crucially, though, write a little description as to why it’s on there. “Chairs”, “Bees?” or “Colours!!!” are all relevant and totally acceptable notes to yourself, so long as they will jog your memory when you look back on them.

Release Your Inhibitions

FEEL THE RAIN ON YOURRR SKIN! NO-ONE ELSE CAN FEEL IT FOR YOU, ONLY YOU CAN LET IT IIIIIIIIIN! Natasha Bedingfield, in all her wisdom and glory, was completely right in Unwritten, and we truly believe she was writing pre-empting Pinterest in her mind. Pin unabashedly, popping on any and everything that makes you feel fuzzy and excited for your big day. Just remember – if you want to keep it a mystery to your guests who may follow you, make it a secret board!

And of course, for all the best wedding inspiration, make sure you follow us on Pinterest – we’re called (unsurprisingly) ‘And So To Wed’, and we love pinning all of the pretty.

Written by Ellie Kime

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