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Rachael and Marc: Boho, Tattoos, Romance and Rum

Rachael and Marc: Boho, Tattoos, Romance and Rum

Portugese Boho Tattoo Themed Wedding Melia Melia Photography

Rachael and Marc’s wedding is preeeetty damn impressive, and when you get to know them, you’ll understand exactly why. Rachael’s background is events, so the whole thing was her design and her planning, with a very specific focus on what she wanted to create – with the help, of course, of many a Pinterest board and moodboard! Self-professedly, they had many themes (boho, tattoo, and Portugese to name a few) but they all pulled together, complimenting each other and creating something incredibly special. I say ‘when you get to know them’ like I know them personally, but I don’t – I just feel like I do (and desperately want to!) through these gorgeous photos. They seem über cool, über happy and über friend-and-family-focused…we LOVE that Rachael’s mum was in white as part of her bride tribe. And just you wait for the Love Actually reference, teaaaaars galore!

“As I am a Boho girl at heart when we were choosing our wedding venue we wanted something stunning but also it had to crucially have that relaxed feel to it. It was actually my mum who recommended East Riddlesden Hall to us, and when we went to view it we were blown away. We knew there and then it was perfect for what we wanted - I think we called the next day to book it!

I am half Portuguese and had family fly over for the wedding so that was a major theme for the day. We had an amazing BBQ supplied by Hog & Apple which included peri peri chicken, and all the menus and signs were in Portuguese - all the other guests had to use the internet to find out what they were eating. The signs on the back of our chairs at the top table also said Galinha and Galo which is Chicken and Cock in English - though only my Portuguese family saw the funny side to this!

I am a bohemian lover so incorporated this into our wedding styling. We had a mini teepee, dream catchers, rugs down the aisle, and large vases full of gorgeous sylvan wild flowers. And, of course, the lighting supplied by Typical Type was the icing on the cake, as it really set the mood of the barn and the theme. My sister in law is a florist, so I was lucky enough to have her do the flowers and she did an amazing job at gorgeous arrangements that weren’t too formal or too clichéd. It was really special – when the top table was all finished with the flowers, it made my mum cry!

From styling to style…all the bridesmaids and my Mum were in ivory maxi dresses. My page boys were my nephews and my step son was my Husband’s little best man! All the groomsmen wore burgundy braces with playboy pin badges, royal blue trousers, white shirts and burgundy dickie bow, and looked incredible.

Marc is a tattooist by trade but previously studied graphic design (a man of many talents – and I got to marry him!). Therefore we incorporated the two for our wedding invites and favours which Marc designed. Each guest received an A5 sheet full of temporary tattoos designed by Marc, it was funny to see my 85 year old Grandma walking around with a temporary tattoo of a butterfly on her chest. We had a tattoo stand and it was great to see everyone on board – I think some were even stuck on people’s faces.


When I was a young girl watching Love Actually I once said to my Mum that I wanted a Gospel Choir to sing at my wedding like they did in the film...and then, obviously, completely forgot. Well low and behold, my Mum had planned a little surprise for me, and after our meal this Gospel Choir started singing from behind the curtains….well the tears began all again!! I was so shocked, it was amazing and a fantastic surprise.

My husband is a huge rum fan and I love having a cocktail in hand…therefore, in the evening we hired a cocktail bar from Cocktails and Cream which the guests loved. It was a hit with the kids as well, who were walking around with blue tongues for the evening from the slushies. We wanted a fun, relaxed but jam-packed wedding day where no one felt like there was that typical wedding lull in the afternoon – and I think we smashed it. I wouldn’t change anything for the world…well actually I would have made the day go a lot slower!”

With thanks to the suppliers:

Photographer - James from Melia Melia Photography

Florist - Bizzi Lizzi

Lighting - Typical Type

Dress - Caroline Castigliano

Suit - Ted Baker

Venue - East Riddlesden Hall

Videographer - Charlotte White Weddings

Food - Hog & Apple




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