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Rock The Frock

Rock The Frock

I’m no doctor, but I can tell you this: the best antidote to anything is neon pink, palm leaf fronds, bubbles, and exceptional bridal design. To this end, I suggest a dose of as many visits to the Rock The Frock Bridal Boutique as you can manage, because they provide this in BUCKETS. Their newly launched space in Chelmsford is the place to be if you want to find a sumptuous wedding dress woven from dreams, that’s slightly different to the rest of the pack, and you want to find it in a relaxed, completely judgement-free zone. As wedding stresses settle, you may think that wanting all of those requirements is asking too much, and may be preparing yourself for a big and scary experience: don’t. Relax those shoulder muscles, take a deep breath, and step through those Rock The Frock doors for the best afternoon of your life thus far (we’ll allow for this to be usurped by the wedding day itself).

We don’t mean to brag, but we were lucky enough to be invited to the Boutique’s launch party, where we were immediately greeted by three of our favourite things: a huge neon sign, a candy pink sofa, and Frida Kahlo (in cushion format). Then came three more of our favourite things: a retro gold phone, the wonderful owner Karen, and an entire try-on area dedicated to an ultra cool tropical vibe, with hand painted greenery and SO much space for activities. Already, we’ve counted six of our favourite things before we’ve even managed to register any dresses – which are there in abundance, by the way, each handpicked for its effortless take on their trademark boho, vintage vibe. It’s clear that Rock The Frock is all about choice: the choice to wear a dress truly embodying your style, and to have the choice to not wear a dress you’ll find hundreds of other brides wearing. The collection is carefully curated to ensure exclusivity across designers, resulting in a selection of only the most beautiful designs of the highest quality and ethics.

After falling in love with significant swathes of the most gorgeous tulle, we met the team, who are so lovely and (crucially) the perfect level of passionate. Devoted and knowledgeable, they nail the balance between expert advice and knowing it’s a massive personal decision. Example A: if your big day is a bit more muted, and you want to try dresses in an environment that reflects that, the fabulous ladies at Rock The Frock have an adjacent fitting area kitted out in über chic monochrome. The boutique is a breath of fresh air, definitely reflecting the style of their brides—like a cool club we can’t wait to join! Did we mention it’s wonderfully spacious too? Wedding insiders (and sports fans), listen up: the launch also gave us the chance to check out the workshop space, which is going to be the perfect place for some amazing skill swaps in the near future.

We managed to steal Rock The Frock’s owner, Karen, away from her busy lifestyle as a wedding dress guru, wedding business adviser, new mother and all round bad ass Girl Boss, to chat about all things weddings. Here's what she had to say...

What makes the Rock The Frock boutique different?

'Rock The Frock is an alternative bridal boutique for free-spirited brides. We specialise in boho, vintage and modern dresses which reflect an individual's style. Gone are rails & rails of the same style of dress & the closed-door policy of some boutiques. An appointment at Rock The Frock is relaxed, fun and, most importantly, filled with dresses & accessories you will LOVE!'

We know you’ve only just opened the new space, but what does the future hold for Rock The Frock?

'We are so excited to be launching Rock The Frock franchises this year, meaning we can bring our amazing service and cool style to more areas of the UK!' (Amid excited squeals, Karen confirmed that Rock The Frock will be coming up North – to Leeds! This resulted in even more excited squealing…nearly so much that I tipped prosecco everywhere. But I didn’t. Mother, you should be proud of me).

And so, to Wed…ding dresses. What are your tips for choosing a wedding dress?

'- Be open minded!'

'- Don't be swayed by others if you love a dress!'

'- Step out of your everyday comfort zone'

'- Think about what suits your venue & the style of your wedding'

How have weddings changed since you set up Rock The Frock?

'We have seen a shift away from the vintage style, with far more brides opting for relaxed, outdoor bohemian style dresses. Though our tea length wedding dresses are still popular, dresses with floaty tulle skirts are definitely a big hit right now.'

What are your favourite wedding fashion trends for 2017?

'We are loving the trends for colour, capes and separates, which we hope to see more of in 2017!! Obviously, we can cater for all of these at the boutique…it is all hand-picked after all!'

One-to-watch: who should we be keeping an eye on this year?!

'In terms of designers, our very own Lucy Can't Dance is doing amazing things and one to watch, for sure!'

Seeing as your talent knows no ends, you also offer décor and styling from Rock The Day —what are your favourite trends for the day itself?

'We are LOVING the trends for geometrics and anything colourful but, really, above all what we love is a bride who is creative and has a vision of something that reflects them rather than what you would see in all the magazines!'

Rock The Frock was born off the back of your own wedding day, when you found a gap in the market that needed to be filled. What’s your biggest advice for brides-to-be outside of the dress?

'Do it YOUR way. My husband and I stuck to our guns despite being continually asked 'why?' or 'why not?' we were doing things our way. I honestly believe that a wedding which reflects YOU is far more important than a wedding that is Pinterest perfect or too fashionable. Think about how you are going to feel about your wedding twenty years down the line. You want to look back on that day with good memories, not bad ones of stress and upset! Keep it fun and relaxed & everyone will love it as much as you!'

Book your appointment at Rock The Frock now and don't forget to say 'hello' from us!

Written by Ellie Kime

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