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Friends Weddings Part I: I, Ross, Take Thee, Rachel...Emily (Ross + Emily)

Friends Weddings Part I: I, Ross, Take Thee, Rachel...Emily (Ross + Emily)

Dear blog readers, what you're about to read is extremely scientific, pushing the boundaries of what has come before it, and the result of thousands of hours of research in a very refined topic area: the weddings featured in Friends. 

Friends was more than just a TV show to many - it was a lifestyle and a tracking of our growing up. As cliche as it sounds, Friends also gave us friends - I well and truly felt and still feel like I knew their characters inside out and was a genuine part of their life. For this reason, it would be entirely inappropriate for us to not be invited to their weddings - and, as I would any wedding I attend, it would be wrong of me to not remark on what I adored about the day. 

Heading up this 4-part series is Ross Geller and Emily Waltham, our beloved British Bride (who wasn't exactly a bridezilla but did just end up being a bit of another b-word). Here's what I ADORE from Ross & Emily's wedding day: 

The venue

I mean, an abandoned, near-demolished church? Ironically, in choosing a venue steeped with her history, it's like they were looking into the future. Industrial venues are killing the game right now, with shabby taking on a whole new meaning and a whole new subgenre. Ross & Emily's gorgeous near-knocked down church is very Asylum-y, a venue that blows our minds in the most wonderful way (and no, Hull uni students, I don't mean the SU, I mean the Peckham church.)


The decor

Candles and drapes, a match made in heaven. Although the look was thrown together (figuratively, of course, as Ross & Emily brought the wedding forward, not literally, as it will have been immaculately placed by set designers - I'm not that bad) it's soft and romantic, ethereal without being twee. It's very Florence + The Machine, in a badass bohemian rock 'n' roll kind of way. Ross' leather trousers from Season 5 wouldn't have looked out of place, for sure - we're feeling it. 


The flowers

The floral arrangements used to decorate Ross and Emily's days are predominantly green, with Emily's bouquet featuring white and red too. I've extolled the virtues many a time before of the beauty of green with white as a focal colour, and Emily must have read my mind at the ripe age of two and a bit.


The bridesmaid dresses

Emily's bridesmaids wear simple red slip dresses - no frills, no fuss, just beauty and design. Not only are clean lines and slinky fabrics a surefire hit in bridal wear and everyday wear currently - again, Emily clearly had a future in trends - but they're also a really great base for bridesmaid's looks, as they can be complimented with so many different accessories and so many different hairstyles.


The silliness

Ok, a curveball, but hear me out. Yes, Ross says the wrong name at the altar - not advisable. However, I think his clumsy (and very natural) reactions and ad libs during the rest of the ceremony are actually quite a heartwarming touch. Yes, he said them out of awkwardness to try and atone for the fact he got his wife's name wrong - but aside from the context, the idea of a couple of side comments to your partner to be or your officiant during the ceremony may ease your worry and break down some stress. 


So, there you are. All those hours of binge watching friends and sobbing alongside them has finally paid dividends. Ross and Emily's wedding was beautiful and dreamy, if you look past the awkwardness and one of best TV moments ever. I just have one question: why wasn't Ben there?

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