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Samuel and Chloe

Samuel and Chloe

On 19th December 2015 Samuel and Chloe tied the knot in a Military wedding at Southdowns Manor, Trotton.

'I arrived at the venue with my mother and bridesmaid and had a very fun and chilled morning getting ready to Disney songs! It was really relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed dancing round the room whilst getting ready.'

'One of my favourite moments was when my dad saw me for the first time, all he wanted was a last selfie as a ‘Norton’ (my maiden name).'

'The first time I saw Sam and the end of aisle was wonderful. The whole day is a bit of a blur, it went so fast and was so exciting. It was freezing outside but we persevered and got some amazing photos, the scenery is magnificent. The whole day was very relaxed and our fabulous wedding co-ordinator Raychel managed the day perfectly meaning we didn’t have to worry about a thing! Our first dance was to a very unusual and unheard of song called ‘Loved’ by Lucy Hale. It describes us perfectly explaining how we don’t need the finer things in life just the love between us both.'

'I loved our cake toppers as they represent us, a nurse and a solider. The grooms mother came up with the idea and we couldn't resist. I loved that Sam could wear his military uniform alongside his colleagues as it gave our wedding an extra wow factor and this shows in the photos. The bright red was perfect.'

'We only had 50 people at the wedding and this was perfect, we were able to talk and have fun with everyone you don’t need to invite everyone you know and friends who weren't invited or lost their +1’s really don’t mind. They love seeing the photos afterwards!'

'My advice would be a last minute wedding is possible, we planned and booked ours with only 6 weeks! It was perfect and I wouldn't have done it any other way. Enjoy every minute it goes so quickly!'

With thanks to:

Photography: Joanna Cleeve Photography

Venue, food and entertainment: Southdowns Manor

Flowers: Bridal Flowers Direct

Wedding Dress: WED2B

Cake and Cake Toppers by close friends (Rachel and Robert Webber)

Simon and Louise

Simon and Louise

Surviving Storm Desmond

Surviving Storm Desmond