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Sash & Luna

Sash & Luna

I don’t mean to brag, but not only is this wedding-loving life full of constant prettiness, it’s full of some downright glamour and some incredible people too. A perfect example of this was presented to us on a mid-February Thursday at The Folly, in Central London, where we were lucky enough to go and party to celebrate the launch of the Sash and Luna collection. Sash and Luna is a collaboration between the absolutely wonderful veil designers Sash + Veil and preserved flower headwear queens Sophie and Luna. Apart, they’re stunning. Together, they’re mind-blowing.

A very rare multi-member team outing, with the gorgeous Luella in attendance as well, we stayed for hours, chatting all things weddings and accessories, whist knocking back prosecco (it’s a hard life) and the most delicious Brazilian truffles from Emmy’s Brigadeiros. These are life-changing, I’m telling you now – words don’t do them justice, as the word ‘truffle’ is probably the closest description but nowhere near captures their taste—and I would urge you to get some for your wedding…or just a rainy weekend.

At the rare times when we didn’t have our mouthful or weren’t catching up with the lovely Natalie J Photography and Candra from Wild Rose Hair we were playing boho bride dress up, admiring the full Sash and Luna collection in all of its glory. Every single piece is incredible, offering something for absolutely everyone. There’s a mixture of styles, fits, lengths and detail levels, to cover each fashion forward bride no matter what her vision, which all together form the softest, dreamiest collection. Heather, of Sash + Veil, and Sandra, of Sophie and Luna, are both absolute masters of their craft; maker magicians who design and fashion breath taking creations from only the best, most sumptuous materials.

In a world where, arguably, the free-spirited bride has been manipulated into a marketing tool to sell floaty dresses and greenery, Sash and Luna is the perfect antidote. The collaboration captures the beauty and freedom of a true bohemian romantic. To ask them how, we stole Heather and Sandra away for a bit to talk about both headwear and heartwear, all things Sash and all things Luna. Not only are they incredible bridal headwear designers, but they’re lovely, lovely people too! Leave some for the rest of us, hey guys?

·      How would you describe the Sash and Luna collection?

Sandra, owner of Sophie and Luna: Sash & Luna is a combination of traditional handmade veils with everlasting floral headpieces with a twist. When I say twist, I mean a non-traditional touch like the shape, colour or arrangement of flowers.

Heather, owner of Sash + Veil: I think Sandra has summed it up perfectly.  We were going for a boho luxe feel - creating a collection of veils and floral pieces combining the traditional with contemporary by introducing unique colour and texture combinations.

·      Talk us through the collection. Which are your favourite pieces, and why?

H: I love the romantic feel of the Bluebell veil - a traditional drop veil made from the softest draping tulle and scattered with soft mint hydrangea. A flower crown is then the perfect choice to finish the look and will secure the veil in place.

S: My favourite combination is the Rosalind Retro crown with both the Louise and the Linda veil. I love the idea of having two veils of different colours together, and this pairing is perfect: Linda has flowers on the drape that match the Rosalind crown. This type of crown is the master of the open back dresses as the main flowers are placed at the back.

·      Why did you decide to collaborate? (We’re very grateful you did!)

H: I feel it was creative love at first sight! I had seen Sandra’s beautiful pieces on Instagram before Chosen Wedding Fair, and as I love working with veils and flowers I was delighted to see that she was also going to be exhibiting.  When she came to my stand and made some suggestions as to the type of flowers I could be using on my veils, we got chatting and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history!

S: We met at Chosen Wedding Fair last October and I saw that Heather was working with some pressed flowers on her veils. I offered to lend her some of my preserved flowers to experiment. She immediately suggested we make a few pieces together. Then we met at my studio a month later and we didn’t just design a couple pieces, but we made an entire collection in just one day! With lunch and glass of wine in between…

·      Describe the other person’s business.

H: I have huge admiration for Sandra’s work. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and extremely creative - her exquisite use of colour and texture combinations in her floral pieces put her way above the competition. I also love that she is very hard working and totally obsessed with her business - just like me!

S: I love Heather’s pieces. They are all 100% handmade, very delicate traditional veils, but the most important is that she’s opened to any suggestions or projects.

I had a photoshoot in Vegas in January and I asked her to make a black veil. She loved my crazy idea. It was a gorgeous veil. I think it’s very important that you find a partner in crime to work with—someone who gets excited about your crazy ideas too. It’s all about enjoying what you do. She also enjoys what she does and you can see it on her work.

·      What’s your process, from design to making? (This can be as your individual businesses too, but also the Sash and Luna process)

H: We live way too far apart but we do manage to meet up from time to time and we did get together in Sandra’s studio when we first put the collection together. We were both drawn to the same colour combinations and ideas so the design process was easy. Something I learned when I was doing my degree was that if a design is too contrived, the chances are it won’t work - the hard work should come afterwards in the production stages.  As for my own collection, I was a fashion designer before I went into bridal and in those days I would always design from the fabric or embroidery; so I would source the fabric or embellishment and then build my designs from there. The same goes for my veil collection in that I will use a new tulle or lace for example to inspire a new collection.

S: Sadly we live far from each other but we did meet a lot for the research and to design the Sash & Luna collection. It’s great that we can both make our own pieces separately and send them over to our brides. In my case, I dry some of the flowers, others are collected from all over the world, as the preservation process is something that only experts can do. I prepare the flowers, cut stems, clean bad petals, trim the unnecessary bits and start wrapping them around the wire.

·      What inspires you?

H: Anything and everything!  I love the avant garde work of Eugene Souleiman, and the exquisite craft and construction of couturiers such as Cristobal Balenciaga and Madeleine Vionnet. I also get hugely inspired by the people around me - I have some wonderfully creative friends who inspire and teach me all the time.

S: The flowers I work with are very inspiring themselves, but my main inspiration (and, luckily type of bride) is the urban girl with free spirit.

·     Do you have any styling tips for the pieces?

H: I’d say why not buy your veil and headpiece and then style the rest of your look around your accessories? If you’re going for a boho vibe then the veil and floral headpiece is certainly a good place to start.

S: My favourite pieces are the Retro Crowns, which go very well with loose, relaxed hair and a draped veil. I think I mentioned it earlier? Haha, for sure my fave!

·      What’s your key advice for brides to be?

H: Be open to all possibilities! Try on different styles of dress and accessories to get a good idea of what suits you and what makes you feel amazing.  For example, so many brides come to me saying they would never have considered wearing a veil until they tried one on and then they couldn’t imagine NOT wearing one!

S: Choose everything that you identify yourself with. It’s easy to get carried away and to buy something that doesn’t feel 100% you just because we see it on Pinterest or some other blog. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. People will see that you are happy and you will glow on the day, not for what you are wearing but for how you feel. BE YOURSELF is my advice to look gorgeous on the day!

So, there you have it. Sandra and Heather, we want to thank you: for your dreamy Sash and Luna headpieces, for inviting us to the launch party, and for your fabulous girlboss wisdom. Although, as the creators of such beautiful romantic whimsy, we expected nothing less!

The Sash and Luna collaboration is available here.

Photography: Natalie J Weddings

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